Front-On View 18 Holes – If you hit it long, wedges are MORE important

I hit the ball really long in this round. It’s a side angle mainly to see my swaying and how I look.

It’s clear the wedge game needs maximum help. The swayng in front of the ball is tragic and I hit a lot of poor shots. The chipping seems to have gone all arms and hands as well. I need to practice short game and I will start doing it. No more explanatons…just DO IT!

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If you hit it long, you need wedges, you need putting, you need chipping and partial pitches. If you try to break 100, you need the same things. If you hit a medium ball, you need all the same things. It’s not even a doubt. Whatever you hit from the tee, you NEED to sharpen up that game when you have a wedge in your hands!!!

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