FRISBEE Swing Fix – Golf Swing GRIP Procedure

Every time me and my golf students pick up a club, we understand the importance of a proper golf grip in relation to the swing and shot we intend to produce.

What many golfers are confused about lies in how their grips are impacting the accuracy of their golf game.

Gripping the golf club does not come in a one size fits all fix, something me and my golf students always remember each time we swing. What works for some players will not be as effective for others.

But, the importance of developing a consistent golf grip style should be one of the initial techniques that novice golfers develop as they begin to learn the game. There may not be better golf advice than developing a solid grip for each of your shots.

There are different grips depending on what the desired outcome dictates.

It can feel unnatural to golfers that instructors and coaches place such an importance on their style of handling the golf club.

Top speed golf pros point to their exceptional, consistent grips as the immediate advantage they developed in improving shots taken on the golf course.

When developing your own gripping style, you must first evaluate where you are with your current handling of the golf club.

It’s very likely that your grip may need assistance and adjustment if you’re new to golf.

Understanding that grip techniques are developed over hours of practice should be considered if and when frustration sets in.

When handling a golf club, the trail hand should always pick the club up first, with the more powerful hand nesting below, with the thumbs resting upon each other.

Many golfers are split on whether to link or not to link their hands together with their fingers. This decision rest solely on the player, as some golfers find success linking their hands, while others crash and burn with this style of play.

The most important thing to consider while developing your golfing grip lies in the decision of how much pressure to apply on the grip.

A weak golf grip requires a golfer to exercise more hand action to guarantee that the clubface remains square upon impact. A weak golf grip makes it easy to keep the clubface open at the point of impact.

A strong golf grip can cause more harm than good in short game. Some believe a strong golf grip eliminates the chances of a slice, but such prevention rests upon clubface control.

Strong grips are typically reserved for driving the golf ball down the fairway, rather than sinking a hole.

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