Forward Bay Parking Easy Tips & Reference Points – Driving Test Manoeuvre

Learn how to overcome the difficulties of driving forwards into a parking space in a car park. Driving forwards can be more challenging than reversing because you can’t see the lines as you enter to the bay. This video is filled with tips a reference points to help you judge where you are.

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This video is a guide intended to help people who are learning to drive with a driving instructor in the UK, it is by no means a replacement for driving lessons with an appropriately qualified driving instructor.

Laws and driving rules may be different in your country. The makers of this video cannot be held liable for any consequences caused by any information that is in any way inaccurate, misleading or missing. The makers of this video are not liable for any person’s driving other than their own, it is the responsibility of the person driving a vehicle to ensure they drive safely and within the law. The makers of this video are also not liable for any person failing a driving test as a result of the information provided in the video.

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