Flat Left Wrist Golf Backswing: Golf Lesson by Herman Williams, PGA Pro

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The flat left wrist golf backswing is the second video of a 3-part online video golf lesson series on grip, wrist position and release from Herman Williams, PGA Professional. This video golf lesson explains the proper wrist hinge at the top of the backswing. A flat wrist, cupped wrist and bowed wrist are defined with a decided preference towards the flat wrist for simplicity. With the proper grip and proper wrist hinge, it is easier to keep the club shaft, clubface and lead arm all in plane for a simple downswing and successful release of the clubhead.

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The flat left wrist may help cure:
-Slicing golf shots
-Coming over the top
-Swinging off plane
-Scooping at impact
-Blocking golf shots
-Shanking golf shots

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