In this tip I teach you how to fix your swing path for long straight shots. This means you will shallow or flatten your plane allowing the club to attack from inside out curing your over the top swing once and for all.

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Most people don’t shallow or flatten their plane. Instead, they swing over the top creating an outside to in swing path. Depending on the face, this can cause pulls, pull hooks, pull slices and if the face is way open even push slices. All of these shots are caused because you are trying to hit the ball with your arms which sends the club over the top.

If you want to finally shallow or flatten your plane you need to not only stop trying to hit the ball with your arms but you also have to follow the drills near the end of this tip. This is not easy. This will take some work but if pros are on the inside path you need to swing from the inside as well. As soon as you start swinging from the inside you will finally fix your swing path allowing you to start hitting long straight shots.

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