The golf backswing plane is a vital swing position because it affects the top of the backswing position. Too flat or too upright puts you in a tricky position to set the club down the line.

A great golf backswing puts you in the perfect backswing position making it easier to come down on plane and hit great irons and woods. Too many people either don’t work on this at all or try to work on it and give up because they can never fix it.

All you have to do to fix your backswing is video your swing from the down the line view. Understand if you are too flat or upright then apply the fix in this backswing tip to get the club perfectly on plane at the top.

This takes a little work so I would suggest doing practice swings at home in mirror daily until you master this position. Once you do you will be in a perfect backswing position making it easier to hit great shots.

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