Feel The Golf Swing (Throw Golf Balls)

In this tip, I show you a way to feel the golf swing. It’s simple. Just throw some golf balls but instead of throwing them as you normally do, throw them wrong then throw them right.

So the point of this is to try throwing a golf ball doing the things average players are doing. If you do you will not feel the golf swing and the power you can generate if you do it right.

So basically this is a comparison that will allow you to feel the golf swing as a better player does. We are not sitting there just hitting with our arms. If this was the way to do it wouldn’t there be a lot more better players? Pros and better players are feeling something totally different. We are feeling the power come from out legs and hips along with loose wrists and this simple drill will prove it.

So either the next time you are at the range or if you go out into your backyard I want to you to try this. Once you do, it should become crystal clear how you need to learn to use your body while having loose wrists to get a powerful, effortless, pain-free golf swing.

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In this tip just got thinking about this The other day and I thought yeah I might Make a good tip I don't know so we're Gonna try it Okay but what we're gonna do we're gonna Throw it wrong and then we're gonna Throw it right All right so wrong and right So once you see the difference you'll Know why I want you to do certain moves In your swing let me just grab another Ball here because or a few because we're Gonna do it wrong and then we're gonna Write all right so what you're gonna do Next time you're at the range or hey Maybe you're even in your backyard Get a ball or a rock or something okay Take it in your back hand now we're Going to throw this ball without moving Our body ready Okay so that's about 15 yards Now we're gonna throw a ball using our Body Okay So that Is about 40 yards So that is to illustrate why You want to be using your body In your golf swing You can throw a ball with just your arm Okay But you can do it way better if you use Your legs and hips And that's the concept in our swing

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You can hit a ball with just your arms Whack Okay Probably not gonna hit it more than About 200 maybe if you're lucky Probably a lot less Now if you add your body Now we can really get some Club head Speed All right so that's one illustration of Why We want to be using our body Another one okay we're gonna go like This We're gonna throw more balls here okay So this one we're gonna lock our wrist Okay lock it That's like 10 yards Okay now you're gonna keep your wrist Really loose Okay there's another 40 50 yards again So you can use your body and lock your Wrists But you're not gonna throw it anywhere So again in our golf swing why do we Want loose wrists So we get the club head speed It's about loose wrists That's what gives us the speed Okay that is then connected to your body Which is coiling and uncoiling but you Lock all this up that's like throwing a Ball with your wrist locked can't even Do it

We're in like 10 yards So if you're looking for You know power and Club head speed well We need to be using our body legs and Hips We need to keep our wrists really really Loose so we get that you know release or Whipping action of that Golf Club to Give us the power it's not about Physical strength You lock everything up it's not going to Happen I know that feels good but it feels even Better when you hit it like 300. All right so Just try that try it wrong and then try It right and go oh yeah you know what He's right I can't throw it when I lock My wrist I can't throw it very far when I don't lose my body Oh so I want to learn how to use my body I want to keep my wrists really loose Okay So just a simple tip today but Simple Is sometimes more effective than making All this complicated you don't have to Make it complicated just got to grasp The concept And it is actually very very simple Everybody makes it too complicated Okay so give that a try and you'll see Exactly what I mean I truly hope you've Enjoyed this tip here's another tip

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That's going to help you improve your Swing now right below that don't forget To click on that link because I'm going To send you some free samples of my body Swing book and video series that'll take You step by step by step through how to Build a powerful effortless pain-free Golf swing