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As much as me and my golf students focus on the turns needed in the average golf swing, one major athletic motion many overlook involves tilting throughout all components in the average swing.

As George Gankas golf lessons continue to astound the entire world, few tips or drills can compare to the tour experience methods that George uses to assist his students with adopting a golf swing that pairs well with the athletic motion natural to their bodies. With a few former students now reaching the ranks of professional golf tours, Gankas’ lessons have become the entire curriculum for the GG Swing Method Online Golf Academy, where players from around the world can apply GG’s teachings to their own game.

With coverage in nearly every major golf publication and media outlet, George Gankas golf swing tips have become a highly regarded source for the global golf community, as players of all levels utilize the drills and lessons to further improve the athletic motion of their golf swings. By imparting the strategies many top speed golf pros use to succeed, Gankas has transformed the entire sport for many golfers who otherwise may have never been able to achieve such things on the course.

Golfers with high handicaps often turn their shoulders more level towards the ground, with as little as 29 degrees of tilt in their shoulder during the same athletic motion. This can cause an insane amount of flaws and issues during their entire golf swing.

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Top speed golf pros with tour experience are more likely to exhibit athletic motion that involves a decent amount of hip turn during downswings. Most top speed golf pros have a minimum of 36 degrees of target driven hip turn during their downswing, with novice players usually turning as little as 20 degrees or less.

Optimizing flexibility and mobility in your hips remains one of the most important strategies for improving your golf swing, as observed by me and my golf students during training.

With many believing the sport to be simply ready set go or more appropriately fore play golf, novice players sometimes believe there to be better golf strategies outside of the tried and true fundamentals. When seeking to implement athletic motion that will eventually produce the golf swing typically attained by tour experience, players must build a strong fundamental foundation, while applying strategic athletic motion that naturally works with their existing style and structure.

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