If you are trying to learn and effortless golf swing you better check this one area of your swing that will tell you if you actually have an effortless swing.

This thing to check is in your follow through. That’s right. The follow through can tell you what you are doing as you are hitting the ball so if your swing is truly effortless then you should be doing this one thing.

Now if you are not doing it you can start looking for it as you swing. If so, you will start to loosen up and start getting that effortless golf swing you’ve been dreaming about.

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In this tip I'm talking about your Follow through position And what you should be feeling in your Arms so you know if you followed my Technique for any period of time you Will know that I want your arms Powerless when you're hitting the golf Ball So what does that mean well that means When you're up at the top right here You're not trying to hit And right here you're not trying to help Your shots with your arms instead you're Just letting your arms Be nice and relaxed All the way through to the follow Through all right so this tip I want you To Maybe start off with just doing a few Practice swings first so if I was here Like this and I did a practice swing Okay nice and relaxed let the arms come Down and through All the way through into your follow Through right here I want you to take note of your strength Level in your arms Okay I don't want your arms to be all Locked up I need them to be relaxed into the Follow through okay so we're here go Right through all the way through And then just think right here you know How do my arms feel are they all tight


And locked up is my grip all locked up You know stuff like that you want to Just relax everything Okay and if you can do that in follow Through or in practice swings Then you can kind of get the feeling of It okay and then we want to try and Apply it to a shot okay so after you've Kind of got the sense of it Right here we're getting ready to go Okay and then we're gonna Hold our follow through right here And right here my arms are literally at Zero You know They're not all tight and locked up That's what I'm trying to avoid Tightness You know locks up your wrist gets you to Twist the face ends up doing a chicken Wing all sorts of stuff so I want you Nice and relaxed nice and loose All the way through into your follow Through okay so kind of get that with Irons first You know and then of course you got to Do with driver so you know driver it's Just one of those clubs As soon as you put a driver in someone's Hands they want to kill it You know and I'm not hitting anything I'm allowing my body to coil And uncoil

And my arms To just whip through I'm not hitting it or helping it So what if I wasn't trying to hit Anything If I went through to my follow through Way over here why would they all be all Locked up They're only going to be locked up there If I'm You know locking them up before I hit The ball So if I'm locked here it's going to show Up at the end So let's start to drain the energy out Of the end So hopefully you stop Locking them up As you're trying to hit that ball Okay so nice and relaxed this is what I Do I shake all the energy out okay I waggle a few times right here now Right here I'm not thinking I'm going to Hit the ball I'm thinking take this shoulder Crank the shoulder And then uncoil with my lower Letting the arms go wherever they want To go So if I do that Right here Into my follow through My arms are nice and relaxed Okay so start doing that just work on

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That for a few minutes I'm telling you A lot of people will be all locked up at The end of their swing and that is not Going to work because if you're tight Here You're tight here Loosen up here and now it'll be nice and Relaxed in the follow through And then you'll start taking the arms Out of your swing get the arms out of Your swing you'll start hitting it with Your body And you'll start taking your game to a Whole new level I truly hope you've enjoyed this tip Here's another tip that's going to help You improve your swing now right below That don't forget to click on that link Because I'm going to send you some free Samples of my body swing book and video Series that'll take you step by step by Step through how to build a powerful Effortless pain-free golf swing