Everyone wants an effortless golf swing don’t they. You bet they do. Before I got it I was always trying to help the shot. The day I stopped helping it was a major breakthrough and allowed me to get effortless power in my golf swing.

Why this was such a breakthrough is because not helping the shot gave me a totally different feeling as I hit the ball. This is the feeling you want if you want and effortless golf swing too.

Watch this tip and think about it as you hit your next shots at the range. Then see it differently and try something new. If you do, you too can get a new feeling as you hit your shots which will allow you to get an effortless golf swing

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In this step I'm talking about not Helping the shot So this was a huge huge huge Breakthrough for me it was back in 1999 That is the moment I stopped trying to Help the club hit the ball All right so if you followed me for any Period of time you will know I want Powerless arms in your down and through Swing we are hitting the ball with our Body not our arms so we're going to coil Up we're going to set our top of the Back swing right here we are not going To try to pull the club down That would be hitting Or what I used to do for all those years And I was hitting it everywhere Right here I was always trying to help My club hit the ball I was trying to Accelerate it at the ball The day I stopped doing that was the day I went from sideways to straight Felt totally weird felt different felt Like my club was slowing down When it hit the ball because I was Always here trying to accelerate it So if you stop doing that Swing feels a lot slower That is when I got that effortless look To my swing so right here instead of Trying to hit it and look like I'm you Know swinging really hard I literally just did nothing I just let It go


Wherever it wants to go So I stopped helping My shots So I know there's a lot of people out There trying to do the exact same thing So I want you to be aware of that are And you'll know If you keep coming here trying to Hit that ball or accelerate the club The problem with doing that Is that you can go like this Because you're trying to Help it You can lock your wrists you can hold The face open creating a slice You could do a chicken wing because You're trying to hit the muscles Contract With irons like this if you're trying to Help it So you're here you get to hear you try To help now you might have too much Shaft lean problem with that is your Club is too short now as it goes to hit The ball so you're going to hit thin and Top shots again holding it like that Would create an open face as well and You start getting you know shots that With slice spin on them All right so a lot of things can happen By helping The Shard I don't want you to think like that okay I'm not thinking here like trying to hit That ball in any way

And remember pre-199 I was So I know the exact moment I stopped Doing that and then a dramatic effect it Had on my swing So to this day I try to not help the Shot because I want to hit it nice and Straight all the time all right so if You're someone that's helping it Then I need you to get that thought out Of your mind okay we've got to think Differently so easy way to get this Thought is We're going to swing back this is point A to your swing You're not going to be here trying to Hit the ball because if you think like That You're making the ball point B Okay the ball is not point B Point B is way over here in your follow Through So you're going to move from a To be And as the club comes down and into this Area right here You don't want to give it extra Stop helping the shot Okay like I said if you do that it will Feel Like your Club is slowing down It's not But it feels like that because you're Not giving it extra We're gonna get the power through the

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Hinging and re-hinging of our wrists So you stop helping it I know it looks Effortless Okay you get the power because this is Going to release Easier and Freer Into the future You're not helping you're not giving it Extra running the risk of locking Everything up All right so I want you to kind of get that thought We're going to go from A over here You know where B is it's over here okay So you've got to find a point B you're Going to go from a Smoothly Over to your follow-through position Now when the club is coming down you're Not going to give it extra you're just Going to let it go wherever it wants to Go All right so You got to get used to a new feeling That's basically what this is about You don't need to hit it with your arms All right if I can just look like I'm Barely swinging at it and get some Serious speed then there's a different Way to do it and I am certainly not Sitting here trying to hit it as hard as I can I'm just letting the club go Wherever it wants to go

Trying to not hit it I know that's Backwards right everybody wants to hit I'm telling you to not hit And I have just recently seen that There's a whole bunch of other people Starting to teach people that The thing that I've been teaching for Over 30 years they're telling you to not Hit the ball yeah We're not trying to hit anything You're just making a move Let It Go I'm telling you you stop hitting the Ball You will hit it so much more solidly and Straighter than you've ever hit it in Your life I truly hope you've enjoyed this tip Here's another tip that's going to help You improve your swing now right below That don't forget to click on that link Because I'm going to send you some free Samples of my body swing book and video Series that'll take you step by step by Step through how to build a powerful Effortless pain-free golf swing