Effortless Golf Swing Feelings

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Effortless Golf Swing Feelings

In this tip, I’m working with Kevin, a 66 year old 15 handicap golfer. He had a 2 hour lesson with me in February 2018 at Bear’s Best Golf Club Las Vegas.

We started the lesson with irons working on some swing positions to help build an effortless swing. After I felt Kevin had the positions, and was hitting some great shots, we moved up to driver.

As we started, Kevin’s first drive registered 167 carry distance and an 80 mph clubhead speed on a Swing Caddie SC200 portable launch monitor (see my review below). To get him more power, I gave him some new thoughts to get the effortless feeling in his arms.

As he applied these feelings, we started to see his carry distance dramatically increase as well as his clubhead speed.

As you watch this tip, take note of what I wanted Kevin to feel as he swung the driver. The next time you have a chance to make some swings recognize these very same feelings and start applying them to your swing. If you do, you too will start to hit the ball longer than ever, just like Kevin.

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