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In this review, I take a look at the SLS from Edel golf, their entry into the single length or one length iron world.

Check them out at www.edelgolf.com.

Edel has been one of the forerunners in single length irons for over a decade, and were instrumental in Bryson DeChambeau winning the U.S. Amateur and NCAA golf championships.

Edel is also known for their putters and wedges, but it’s their single length iron selection that really stands out.

There are a number of noticeable differences in Edel, that separates them from companies like Cobra, Pinhawk, 1iron and others. They are made with the Paterson Kinect golf shaft, forged heads and are fully customized to your game, regardless of your swing.

When it comes to single length irons for the better golfers, looking for forged, then Edel is far and above the best option on the market.

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