EASY WAY TO FIX YOUR SWING PLANE💪Too shallow or steep?Too in to out?Too out to in?

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Stop wasting precious time worrying about the geometry of your swing plane thinking it’s too flat or upright or too much out to in or in to out. Once you understand the purpose of swing plane and you have an easy task that doubles as an acid test that GUARANTEES SWING PLANE, you will be so relieved and will be free to focus on what is important in your shots like WHERE DO YOU WANT TO SEND THE BALL!!

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Shawn Clement, Canadian PGA Class A, with a specialty in Teaching and several nominations for Ontario Teacher of the year, is now on board with GOLF CHANNEL ACADEMY for his online and physical location at the oldest Golf Club in North America, The Royal Quebec Golf Club. Shawn has the Top 6 instructional Youtube Channel as per Golfthis.com and top 10 most searched teachers as per swingmangolf.com
Weekly contributor to Golf WRX and on the teaching staff at Golfing World, an IMG company.
Also a top 50 teacher for Golf.com’s Swing Index.

Here are some great life long teachers and coaches who can help you attain your next level in golf:
Your’s Truly, Shawn Clement
Naples Florida:
John Carroll jmc8947@gmail.com-MASTER EDUCATOR
Stuart Florida:
Frank McChrystal fmcchrystal@ipre.com
Williamsburg Virginia:
Richard Rice richardkrice@pga.com MASTER EDUCATOR
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David DePula-daviddepula@icloud.com
Frederick MD Washigton DC area:
Ricky Serrano ricky.serrano@cattailcreekcc.com-MASTER EDUCATOR
Dallas area:
Cody Vanderford cvanderford@argyleisd.com
San Antonio:
David Ogrin-Texas Open Champion 1996 ogringolf@gmail.com-MASTER EDUCATOR
North Chicago-Milwaukee
Derrick Sands mailto:derrickjsands@gmail.com
Huntsville Alabama area
Travis Lauterbach travislauterbach@lyon.edu
Minneapolis area
Nick Johnson ndj209@gmail.com
Toronto GTA
Paul Davies and Donna Norman
Pdavies@richmondhillgolf.com dnorman@richmondhillgolf.com
My Man Edouard Montaz-MASTER EDUCATOR
New location in Buffalo New-York!
Mark Schraven mark@advantagefitnesswny.com
UK: Adam Gray- adam11111gray@yahoo.co.uk
Ritter Lott-Rock Creek Golf Club Fairhope AL 251 928 4223
Ritchie Bath Golf Warehouse Christchurch bath.r@xtra.co.nz

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