EASY WAY TO DRAW AND FADE CONSISTENTLY WITH ANY GOLF SWING🎯More fairways and greens in regulation😎

TAKE ALL THE MYSTERY AND INHIBITIONS OUT OF CURVING THE BALL and learn how to easily create solid power fades and draws that penetrate and fly true! Our beginners get to learn this after just a couple of short lessons and understand right out of the gate how trying to hit a straight ball is not only futile, it is very counterproductive for power and consistency! YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE YOUR NEW SKILLS!!

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Jump on ‘Retrieve’ right now where the team provides the simple way of learning golf we have more to come very soon.

00:00 Shawn introduces the lesson w/ Sav & Mu
01:38 Analogy: How to kick a soccer ball w/ Sav
03:29 How to play a Fade golf shot with a strong grip w/ Sav
05:34 GCQ Analysis of Savvy’s shot
06:41 How to do a full release of the golf club
07:49 How to play a Draw golf shot with a strong grip w/ Mu
08:37 GCQ Analysis of Mu’s shot
09:53 How to setup for fade & draw shots with an iron
10:48 Shawn shows you how to play a draw shot
11:23 Shawn shows you how to play a fade shot
12:23 Neutral Grip vs Strong Grip in golf
14:44 Shawn concludes the lesson

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