EASY WAY to COMPRESS the BLEEP out of the BALL through the SWEET SPOT 😎👀

THERE IS NOTHING MORE BLISSFUL THAN COMPRESSING A GOLF BALL ON THE SWEET SPOT OF YOUR GOLF CLUB!! In this video, we see 3 very simple tasks to get you to see and feel what it is like to compress the golf ball on the sweet spot of the golf club for soaring irons that stop on a dime and penetrate through any hurricane wind. ENJOY THE BLISS!!

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Retrieve Series…More to come very soon

00:00 Shawn Clement introduces the lesson w/ Sav & Mu
01:03 Task 1: Two Tee drill w/ Shawn Clement
05:30 NEW DRILL! Two-Ball Drill w/ Shawn Clement
08:00 Two Ball Drill down the slope w/ Sav
11:44 Two Tee & Two Ball Drill w/ Mu
14:49 Shawn concludes the lesson

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