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EASY Tip To Hit a DRAW and a FADE! #GolfTips #shorts - Golf Tips & Videos

EASY Tip To Hit a DRAW and a FADE! #GolfTips #shorts

Hitting a draw or a fade in golf can be a bit of a challenge for many golfers, from amateurs to professionals. However, there seems to be a straightforward yet effective tip that can help golfers improve their game. By manipulating the clubface angle and the swing path, he or she can easily hit a draw or a fade at will. In this short blog post, readers will learn this easy tip to hit a draw and a fade consistently, and hopefully, improve their golf game.


Golf is an exhilarating sport that involves hitting a small ball into a hole, but it requires precision and skill. Sometimes, golfers struggle with controlling their ball’s flight, but fortunately, Scratch Golf Tips has an amazing training tool called the Straight Stick. In this review, we’ll break down why the Straight Stick has been gaining popularity among golfers and how it can help improve your golf game by helping you perfect your grip.

Controlling Ball Flight:

The Straight Stick can help golfers control their ball flight by adjusting their grip. By pronating or supinating your grip, you’ll be able to hit fades or draws. Pronating rotates your forearms clockwise to open the clubface, which creates a fade. Supinating does the opposite; it rotates your forearms counterclockwise and creates a draw.

Adjustable Grip Trainer:

One of the most impressive features of the Straight Stick is the adjustable grip trainer that helps dial in the perfect grip. The tool fits onto the club grip and locks into place, making it easy to use. The trainer allows you to practice a proper grip and get instant feedback on how your grip affects your ball flight. By using the grip trainer, you’ll learn how to make small adjustments that will improve your ball flight and consistency.

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Performance Golf:

The Straight Stick is made by Performance Golf, a company that’s dedicated to helping golfers improve their game. They believe that everyone can benefit from their products, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced golfer. With their innovative training tools, they’ve been able to help countless golfers improve their swing and lower their scores.

Limited Time Offer:

For a limited time, the Straight Stick is 54% off, making it an excellent investment for any golfer looking to improve. It’s currently available for purchase at the link provided in the description. Don’t miss out on this amazing offer and take advantage of the tool’s capabilities.


  1. Is the Straight Stick suitable for beginners?
    Yes, the Straight Stick is an excellent tool for beginners looking to improve their ball flight and grip.

  2. Can the Straight Stick be used for left-handed golfers?
    Yes, the Straight Stick is versatile and can be used by left-handed golfers.

  3. How long does it take to see results?
    It depends on each golfer, but with consistent practice, many golfers see improvements in their ball flight within a few weeks.

  4. Is the Straight Stick only for hitting fades and draws?
    No, the Straight Stick can be used for other aspects of the golf swing, such as improving your grip and swing plane.

  5. Can the Straight Stick be used with any club?
    Yes, the Straight Stick is compatible with most clubs, and its adjustable grip trainer fits onto most standard grip sizes.


Overall, the Straight Stick is a fantastic tool for any golfer looking to improve their ball flight and consistency. With its adjustable grip trainer and versatile features, golfers of all levels can benefit from its use. Regardless of your skill level, using the Straight Stick can help you hit incredible shots and take your golf game to the next level. Don’t miss out on this limited time offer and purchase the Straight Stick today.

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