EASY HACKS to Hit Straight Golf Shots and Square The Clubface at Impact

Hit straight golf shots and fix your golf swing. Need help to square the clubface at impact? This easy golf lesson tutorial will help you master your golf straight shot and level up your golf swing game.

0.00 Hit straight golf shots
2:00 wrist in golf swing to be soft
4:45 square club face at impact with wrist extension
7:00 swing in to out and shallow your golf swing
9:30 golf swing release to hit straight golf shots
11:00 ball striking drill control to square club face

Alex Fortey from the Art of Simple Golf gives you a simple golf tip to improve your golf swing Enjoy this golf video to help you get closer to having a perfect golf swing.. YOUR perfect golf swing


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I reckon that you want to hit straight to golf shots and want to know how to square the club face more frequently. Well, it’s a little bit easier than you’re probably going about it, but there is a caveat you are not going to do it every single time. Even the best golfers in the world who practice all day, every day, do not square club face every time.

And the club face and hit straight shots every time. But we can do some simple things to have it happen easier and more frequently, no matter whether you’re senior golfer, a part-time golf up or whatever. And let’s find out how, sorry you might’ve heard about shuffling and things. And we’ve got some lessons on that too where we want a bit of wrist extension, but if you’re finding that you are a bit stuck in trying to do it and trying to square that club face through the ball, like really trying to manipulate it, let’s kind of clear the slate a little bit.

And that’s it. We don’t have to sort of overly manipulate this club face to kind of get it back to square. Not only does this help contact, it keeps that clubface exceptionally square throughout. And the second part to this is to allow a little bit more naturalness instead of hitting at the ball. Okay. And stalling the body. We want to gather that momentum. And the next part we want to do is actually feel like we’re releasing our energy through, and we’re going to let go of this stick as a practice drill.

So we swing to the back here and then we’re going to let go of it down there. So it actually hits the ground several feet in front because that’s making our intent go that way. Okay. But this, how does this help me hit straight shots? One, because it’s focusing on where we want the ball to go. We’re not just hitting at it. We’re not trying to manipulate the club face. It’s a movement.
And we’ve got the sensation. We’ve got the wrist to allow to square back up. But now we’re allowing the natural arc and pattern of our swing with movement and momentum to get it through to the target, which is gonna hit straight shots. And the way I would actually like you to sort of practice this after the stick is even just a little half swings here. Okay. And stepping and swinging through stepping and swinging through. So you put your feet together, a little swing back from here and we step and swing through. You. Notice how everything is just being pushed and pulled and rotated. And then the final part is to make sure that you are clearing yourself out the way. So you want your lower body. You want the belt buckle to be pointing at the bowl just a little bit here. Okay. And the feeding is the arms are going to go out to the right.

That’s the key, combining those things together and actually trying to hit some shots, just little ones to begin with. Okay. Emphasizing the fields that we’ve talked about, emphasizing those fields, just little Hoff shots, getting that extension and then turning through and that release to a full finish to trap that golf ball.

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