Easy Golf Putting Tips And Drills | Colour Half Your Ball To Quickly Improve Your Putting

EASY GOLF PUTTING TIPS AND DRILLS: – Try these simple golf tips and easy golf putting drills to quickly improve your golf putting. This is a great golf putting tip for beginners but also for golfers of all abilities looking to quickly improve their golf swing and putting technique.

Do you struggle with your putting or is it actually the strongest part of your game? Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a complete golf beginner tell us about your putting and your golf swing in the comments below.

Want to improve your putting stroke path at home? This indoor putting tips and drills video will help you do just that.

If you enjoy the video, please hit like and comment below – how would you rate your putting out of 10?

Get a Sharpie pen and mark half of your golf ball in one colour. When you hit your putt, you want to see the ball rolling end over end on line. This will tell you that your path and putter face is on target.

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