Driving On Your Own For The First Time | Learn to drive: Expert skills

You’ve had driving lessons, improved your driving skills, and finally passed your Driving Test! You’re excited to enjoy the independence that your new Driving Licence can give you – but you haven’t driven on your own yet. This can feel a little strange at first, so in this video, we will share a few tips to help you while you gain experience. We have a few general tips to get you started, then some more specific advice to help in more challenging situations.

Video chapters:
* 0:00 Introduction
* 1:05 General tips
* 3:20 Other drivers
* 4:20 Heavy traffic
* 5:02 Parking in busy places
* 5:48 Night driving
* 6:27 Bad weather
* 6:58 Dual carriageways & Motorways
* 7:38 Emergencies
* 8:25 Summary

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