Distance to the Golf Ball – How Close Should You Stand to the Ball

Distance to the Ball – Complete Guide to The Perfect Golf Setup – Part 3

Determine the correct distance to the golf ball in the setup and address.

So far in this golf setup series, we’ve looked at your alignment ( and your stance ( The next stage is to look at the distance you set up to the golf ball.

Because each club in the bag is a different length, our distance to the golf ball is going to change accordingly.

In time, you’ll develop a natural feel for the correct distance with each club, but I’d like to give you a specific method to test you’re in a good position.

Distance to the Golf Ball Tips – Video Summary

Step 1: Address the ball as you normally would

Step 2: While maintaining your forward spine angle, remove any knee flex by locking your legs. You should feel most of your weight on the heels of your feet in this position.

Step 3: Start flexing your knees gradually until you feel your weight shifting onto the middle of your feet. When you do, stop flexing your knees. This is the correct amount of knee flex.

Step 4: While keeping the clubface behind the ball, lower the shaft of your club towards your left thigh. Ideally, the butt end of the shaft should touch about an inch above your knee cap. If it lands higher than that, you are standing too close to the ball. If it lands lower than that, you are standing too far from the ball. Adjust according in order to be the right distance away from the ball and use this technique whenever in doubt.

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