Diabetic Kidney Disease | How to Break the INSULIN CIRCLE and Beat It

In this video: everything you need to know to BEAT diabetic KIDNEY disease and to break the INSULIN circle.
Out of control diabetes can damage the blood vessels in the kidneys, causing long lasting loss of kidney function.
But don’t lose hope: with the correct diet, lifestyle and maybe some home remedies, you can reverse type 2 diabetes and even repair the damage to your kidneys.

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Science has proven that reversing diabetes remains possible for at least 10 years after the onset of the condition.
So today we are going to see the winning strategy to get rid of diabetes and ultimately reverse diabetic kidney disease.


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Intro – 0:00
The Big Picture – 1:14
The Insulin Circle – 2:40
Diabetes Dietary Tips – 4:51
Dangerous foods sold as healthy – 9:20
Exercising proven benefits – 13:47
Chromium – 16:29
Bitter Melon – 18:02
Alpha Lipoic Acid – 19:57


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Diabetes is the most common cause of kidney failure, so it’s normal to ask “How can I keep my kidneys healthy if I have diabetes”?
The best way to prevent or stop diabetes-related kidney disease is to reach your blood glucose and blood pressure goals.
So, this is the big picture. The goal we should focus on is getting our blood pressure and blood sugar levels as close as possible to the right values.
First value is fasting blood sugar.
The ideal number is below 100 mg/dL and also and hemoglobin A1C level below 7%.
These numbers may need to be individually calibrated, not everyone may be able to reach 100 mg/dL or less.
But the lower you can get, the better.
Same for blood pressure. It’s not always easy to stay below 120 over 80 but, again, the lower you can go, the better.
There are ways to do this and… no, it’s not all about losing weight.
Because, while it’s true that Approximately 90% of people with type 2 diabetes are overweight or obese, there are some good reasons why the standard advice of “eat less, exercise more” doesn’t always deliver results for people living with type 2 diabetes.

Actually, the problem is just one hormone:


Now, when it comes to reversing type 2 diabetes, insulin is everything. This is our fat storage hormone. When it goes up, it’s not just bad for our kidneys, heart and blood vessels.
Because insulin also makes us hungry, and the food we eat, is much more likely to be stored as fat, now.
Insulin is produced by your pancreas, and insulin has many functions in the body.
Having chronically elevated blood sugar levels is dangerous, so your body needs to do something about it.
Your body responds by making more and more insulin to try to get the job done.
But insulin has many functions, alright?
Insulin also works to promote the storage of fat and to block the release of fat from fat storage. So instead of losing weight, you just keep gaining, thanks to all that insulin.
And many people don’t know this, but that’s also why it’s normal for people with diabetes to have cravings for sugary foods.
Ok guys, if you think this info is interesting, share this video with anyone you know who may need a new, more positive attitude towards the right lifestyle to beat diabetes.
Because now, we are going to find a way to break this vicious circle.

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