Deep Driver Golf Drills For Distance and Accuracy


If you’re new to the sport, driving a golf ball deep may look easy while observing seasoned players at the range, but it can be difficult to put into practice if you’re unfamiliar with the fundamentals at play behind your drive shot.

George Gankas golf videos have captured the attention of the golfing community, with the GG Swing Method becoming a go to system for players of all skill sets.

The GG Swing Method, comprised of George Gankas golf lessons and tips, continues to assist players in reaching their goals, especially pertaining to their driver performance.

While George and most other golf instructors will point to short game as being the most important part of any player’s strategy, hitting solid, deep driver shots plays a very close second fiddle.

The ability to rip deep drives, straight down the fairway provides a huge edge to most players, especially those who have also developed solid short game skills beforehand.

Driving the golf ball deeply down course will eliminate many of the obstacles that most golfers dread, including extended play in the rough, and the ever dreaded bunker shot.

Because of the huge incentives that golfers have to drive the ball beyond these unsavory parts of the golf course, developing sound driving fundamentals should be one of the first things any player does when picking up their club for the first time.

Many times players will hurry through their golf swing and end up with a lackluster drive that falls very short of their intended target.

Moving quickly through our backswing during drive shots will prevent our bodies from taking the proper posture needed to successfully harness our core muscle group and the power found through the rotation of our hips.

Transitioning from backswing to downswing too quickly prevents our golf club from ever reaching the apex of our golf swing, which results in a huge decrease in energy that ultimately causes our club to travel outside of the standard swing plane, the source of many sliced shots.

Maintaining our balance when driving the ball must be our main objective, especially when starting to master this technique.

Often players neglect to maintain their balance during drives, typically from swinging their golf club with too much force, in an attempt to extend the depth of their shot.

Ironically, sustained balance in our golf swing during drives will also promote more distance, through clean impact with the golf ball.

By ensuring that the mid point of our posture during the golf swing also acts as the center of gravity will be the clearest indication that we have maintained optimal balance during our drive.

The primary object of golf requires the player to hit the ball as close to the hole in the least amount of strokes as possible.

In the pursuit of an impressive score, many golfers completely overexert themselves during their golf swing, causing more trouble in the long run.

Rather than properly utilizing the several sources of excess energy found in a properly executed golf swing, many players try to swing with greater force, often causing their swing to become imbalanced in the process.

More often than not, the PGA Tour Pros you see each weekend are not swinging with full force, with many easing up on their swing in the interest of maintaining balance to make a cleaner impact with the golf ball.

Driving the ball with an imbalanced golf swing will bring disastrous results for most players, which often can end up ruining an entire round.


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