Day 1/6 of Walking 150 miles for Prostate Cancer UK

Fitness in Golf Will Improve Your Scores

Fitness in golf is receiving more and more attention lately. All one has to do is watch the PGA and LPGA players and it is obvious that to compete at a winning level being in shape is important. Many of the top touring pros have been quoted as to the importance of golf exercises as being a major factor in their success.

Sonocaddie V300 – Your Virtual Caddie

Struggle to work out your yardages? Not sure whether to hit a hard 6 or soft 7? If you answered yes to either of these questions then it’s time for the Sonocaddie V300. The Sonocaddie will quickly and accurately plot your position on the course using advanced GPS technology and along with it’s many other great features and stylish design you’ll be the envy of the clubhouse!

The Nike SQ Machspeed Black Just May Be the Hottest Driver of 2011

With golf season just around the corner, the new Nike SQ Machspeed Black driver is sure to be the talk of the spring. The unique design has already got the world of golf buzzing. From tour professionals to the weekend golfer, all thumbs are up!

Your Body Is The Elephant To Distance And Power Golf

It’s frustrating. That new driver or set of irons isn’t fixing your golf game like you hoped it would. You may have even taken lessons or tried something out of a golf magazine, but the improvements to your game just aren’t materializing. Did you ever stop to think that it might be you?!

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How Will You Benefit From a Golf Swing Training Aid?

During a recent round of golf, Charlie had a truly profound realization about the game of golf as well as his own game’s performance. He had been thinking about why he was a veritable regular out at his local golf course every weekend for years and years, but his game had never improved. It dawned on him that the reason this was happening was because he never had learned proper mechanics, so he was practicing the same poor skills over and over with each and every round he played.

Can You Use a Golf Training Program to Improve?

My cousin Mark had been playing golf with me and my friends for many years, and as we all got older and wiser, our games got better, but Mark’s did not. His game actually started to get worse and everyone could see how frustrated he was getting with it. We all thought about a lot of things that might help him, such as taking professional lessons or trying some different types of training equipment, but he didn’t want to spend a lot of cash.

Is a Golf Training Guide Worth the Price?

Paul was new in his job and had been invited out to play golf with some of the head honchos in his new company. Although he had played golf for most of the time he was an adult, he knew that he was out of shape and he wanted to play his best when he was with his new colleagues. A golfing buddy of his suggested that a golf training guide might help him get his game in shape in time for the round with the fellows from work, but he didn’t really didn’t know where to go for this…

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Will the Right Golf Training Equipment Improve Your Game?

John was an older guy and though he had played golf most of his life, he never really improved all that much. Since he was thinking about retirement in a few years, he wanted to make sure his game was in good shape for all the rounds he would play. So John then thought that golf training equipment might be able to improve his game and make it stronger and more reliable, but would it?

How Can You Find a Good Golf Training Course?

Newman had always thought that the only way you could get a good golf training course was if you spent a small fortune with a pro at the golf course or driving range. When Newman finally went looking for courses to help his game, he already knew that he couldn’t afford much, so he thought he didn’t really have any options open to him. He was surprised to find out that you could actually find a ton of information about affordable golf training course online – but were they any good?

How Can You Buy Quality Golf Swing Training Aids?

Sam was a good golfer but not a great one. The problem was that he had more time on his hands than he knew what to do with, so he wanted to improve his game. As he got older he realized that he wasn’t getting any better, so he wanted to find a way to improve before it was too late.

Do You Know How Can a Golf Swing Training Aid Improve Your Game?

Bob had been thinking about purchasing a golf swing training aid for a while, especially after seeing what some of his friends had been using and the progress they had made. Bob knew that there were many types of tools you could use to give you a stronger and straighter swing, but quite honestly he didn’t know which one to choose. The problem was that Bob didn’t want to spend money on any kind of golf swing training aid that wouldn’t help him with his problem.

Can a Golf Swing Training Fix Your Game?

James was a life-long golfer, playing once or twice a month virtually year round. Because he lived in Florida, he had access to some of the world’s most amazing courses, and because of the great weather, he almost never took a day off. But what happened is that he got into some bad habits and his game started falling apart.

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