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Want to hit better iron shots? Follow golf instructor David Leadbetter’s four steps.

I think it’s really important
to be a good iron player, you learn to take a divot,
in other words, you hit down on the ball.
So many amateurs are under the impression
that you gotta try to hit under the ball
to the get ball up in the air.
The first thing we need to do to become a good iron player,
in order to take a solid divot,
is to address the ball in such a way
that you can actually achieve that.
So make sure the ball is in the center of your stance.
Too many amateurs have the ball too far forward.
Once again, trying to lift the ball up in the air.
So, put the ball middle of the stance,
maybe favor the weight slightly on the left side there.
Maybe -, this encourages you to hit down on the ball
and take that divot.
Make sure you have a reasonably full turn
but a nice short arm swing.
A three-quarter-length swing is ideal for good iron play.
The important thing to hit a descending angle
is to make sure you’re on top of the ball.
In other words, your hands have to be leading the club head
and your chest needs to be forward as well.
So you want to sort of match your chest
and your hands together.
I think the other thing that players need to realize
is if you gotta hit good iron shots,
that you gotta be extended through the ball.
In other words, your arms have to extend past you.
If once again you’re trying to help the ball up in the air,
the arms tend to collapse.
We’ve all heard about the chicken wing through impact.
So, remember, you wanna feel like your arms are extending.
It’s very much like chopping a tree down with an ax.
Your arms get extended past impact.
So that also keep the hands
leading the club head through impact.
So follow these four steps,
you’ll hit down on the ball, take your divot
and hit really solid iron shots.

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David Leadbetter’s 4 Steps to Hitting a Better Iron Shot | Chipping & Pitching Tips | Golf Digest

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