Cure A Golf Slice In Minutes (Hit It Dead Straight)

It’s truly mind boggling that people still slice the ball when I can literally cure a golf slice in minutes allowing anyone to hit it dead straight. This is not a joke. It’s a fact.

I have been doing this since 1991. Don’t believe me? Go here and watch me cure this guys massive slice allowing him to hit it 250 yards dead straight in minutes:

All you have to do to cure a slice is divide it into 2 parts. You cure the spin first. Then you cure the direction. It is that simple. Any other so called golf slice cure does not fix the 2 parts of the shot this is why it will never work. Instead, if you do get it hooking it’s a pull hook. This is still a swing flaw. I get people hitting it dead straight from a square set up. Huge difference.

So if you want to fix your golf slice then watch this tip and work on the 2 steps. Start with 7 iron to make it easy then move up to driver. Remember it into the future so if you start slicing again you can fix it on your own.

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Here's a great way to help you release the golf 
club. So what we're going to do we're going   To have a race between the toe and the heel of 
your golf club. What I want you to do is imagine   There's a finish line right here right in front of 
you. So lift your club up right in front of you.   We're gonna go like this there's the toe, there's 
the heel. Okay the finish line is right here.   So we're going to take it back like this. We're 
going to come towards that finish line and the toe   Is going to break the finish line before the heel. 
So the toe is going to win the race. See how I'm   Rolling this over here? I'm purposely rolling that 
over. The toe is going to get there before the   Heel. If you're a slicer, the heel is winning the 
race. The heel is getting there before the toe.   So if you're a slicer why not get rid of the slice 
spin? Yes, if the toe gets there before the heel   You know where your ball is going to go? You're 
gonna hook it but wouldn't that be better than   Slicing it? You sit here hitting hitting the 
ball with slice spin when do you ever fix that   You know and I know you've tried because 
that slice is not good. It goes nowhere   And you know you hit a lot of balls out of 
bounds right. So why don't we try to hook   It but that's only a piece of the swing. That's 
half. That's the spin. You also have direction.   So this helps you fix the spin. The advantage 
to rolling it, or having the toe beat the heel,   Is that if we back this up right here, the face 
is square to the path right there. It then goes   Beyond square because it's closed right here right 
but at least it's squared to the path. If you hit   It with the face open it never squares that's why 
people can't ever fix a slice and I can fix that   In five minutes. I can get you to go for massive 
slice to dead straight five minutes. Okay maybe   10. Slow learner 15. I've been doing this since 
1991. Massive slice to dead straight in minutes   And this is how I do it. So we've got to get half. 
You can get the ball hooking then how are we gonna   Straighten it out? Well we're gonna switch to our 
body to straighten it out … body. How does that   Straighten it out? Well, we're going to use simple 
physics of mass swinging around an axis. So weight   On a piece of string. You've taken a weight and 
twirled it on a piece of string haven't you or you   Know what that looks like right? You've twirled 
something? Well the club is a weight. Your arms   Are string. Your hand would be your body. So if 
we go to twirl a weight on a string like this,   If you do that, a hundred percent of the time 
that weight will swing at 90 degrees to your hand.   So if we go like that, it swings at 90 degrees. 
If this is a weight, this is string, this is you   Twirling it, you're up here like this and you 
move this before you move this, your golf club   Is going to flatten or shallow into the downswing 
which creates the path slightly from the inside.   Couple that with the face squaring and you hit it 
dead straight in minutes all right but you got to   Get the first piece. Yes you're going to hit some 
hooks. I've had people comment saying "oh that's   Going to make you hook it" it's like yeah, what's 
better hooking it or slicing it? Well, get the   Hooks going, now you're no longer a slicer. Now 
all you got to do is straighten it out and I just  

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Told you how to do it. It's really simple. So what 
do you do? We're going to do the race like this   Toe is going to win the race. See it's rolling 
over on purpose. You have to learn how to do that   If you're a slicer. That's never going to happen 
unless you make that happen but when you do that,   You're not going to hit it straight. 
You're going to hook it for a minute.   So hit a few hooks. Tee it up like this. You 
could also imagine you've got your finish line   Right here. You could do it down here and go 
okay I'm in my backswing now. I'm going to get   The toe to win that race. So you go like this. 
You got the feeling. Oh, huge hook right there   But that's good, boy that's huge. You don't keep 
slicing it. So you get that your wrists are now   Working. If you're hitting it like this, your 
wrists are not working. The face is wide open.   There it's working. We're releasing the golf club 
but that's only half. So you hook a few shots.   Is it five? Is it ten? Is it a bucket? I don't 
know. Different people get it different stages   Or different amounts. I've had people literally 
master that in 4 … 4 repetitions. They did it   4 times and never sliced another ball. So they 
latched on to the feeling of what I'm explaining.   So that might take you a few minutes. So 
now you got a few hooks under your belt.   Remember if you hook it you're no longer a 
slicer but you're on the wrong direction. So   Now we have to switch to body. So now 
we're going to hit the top like this   Right here. You're going to think about your belt 
buckle. You're going to take your belt buckle and   You're going to turn your belt buckle so that 
your body starts first. Remember the weight   On the string? The physics thing? I need you 
to move your body then the club will follow.   If your body moves first before that club comes 
down you will hit that ball dead straight.   So you just got to change how you've been 
doing it. Sure, if we're going like this,   We're moving our arms, so of course it's going to 
go left … left as a righty or lefties it's going   To go right … right. Who cares? That's half 
right. You just got to get the body moving so   Then we hit the top like this, we're thinking of 
our belt buckle. If your belt buckle starts first You will literally hit it dead straight. 
All right so we're gonna have a race.   You got to get the toe to win the race. 
You got to keep doing that for a minute.   Just get the concept. It's rolling too early on 
purpose. We're gonna hook it for a few minutes.   Once we get it hooking, you've got to straighten 
it out. You're gonna straighten it out with your   Body. Easiest way to do this over the years, 
person's right here just get them to turn their   Belt buckle, arms follow, they hit it dead 
straight. So give that a try. Try it with a   7 iron first and then move up to your driver. 
You can still do the toe heel race here just   Imagine finish line. Get the toe there. Just start 
crossing it over like this. You can't try to do   This perfectly. You got to overdo it and then back 
it off. So think about that. Do the toe heel race.   In no time you'll start hooking it. Once you 
add body you'll see what I mean. No joke,  

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You will hit it dead straight. I truly hope you've 
enjoyed this tip. Here's another tip that's going   To help you improve your swing. Now right below 
that, don't forget to click on that link because   I'm going to send you some free samples of my 
body swing book and video series that'll take   You step by step by step through how to build 
a powerful effortless pain-free golf swing.