Consistent Backswing Plane And Transition Wall Drill.

Consistent Backswing Plane And Transition Wall Drill. Alex Fortey shares a simple golf drill you can do at home with The Art of Simple Golf making the golf swing easier.

This will help you find a better slot in your backswing and a great practice drill you can use.

It also helps the GOLF SWING transition too

It will teach you How to hit more consistent shots and have better contact and consistency. simple ultimate golf lessons

The Art of Simple Golf. I am Alex Fortey you want to have more consistent and better striking by having and easy golf swing and backswing you can repeat without too much thought or stress. Then you can enjoy a really fun part of the game.

But it is also a big score changer when you are going to get a solid contract now I want to give you a really nice simple thought and visualization today that’s going to help hit he slot in the backswing

Learn what to be more consistent with iron shots and your golf swing there are 2 simple golf tips to use that will help contact and power. Hit more greens and see the ball rip through the air.

Hammer the nail through the ball and feel like you can take a long shallow divot. These two things will give you penetrating consistent iron shots.

Come to learn more with Alex Fortey, other great PGA golf coaches and play better, simple golf that helps you hit the ball further and straighter.


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