Collin Morikawa Irons Golf Swing Lesson

No matter how many videos you watch, you’ll never see any magic drill that can instantly pure your irons overnight, without putting in the work to understand the movement. Me and my golf students tend to focus on learning to control our swing and to shallow the club face on the ball to correct some of the biggest flaws any golfer may encounter during iron play.

Start by understanding that you don’t need to put massive amounts of force added into your swing in order to send the ball sailing into the green, despite many quick fix iron lessons professing such things to be better golf strategy.

Many top speed golf pros like Collin Morikawa find chasing distance to be quite appealing regardless of knowing better. By studying the Collin Morikawa golf swing strategy since he turned pro, it’s clear to see he stays true to his natural irons style more than anything else.

Even after advancing to the PGA tour, Morikawa found very few reasons to deconstruct his existing irons strategy as a reaction to tougher competition and long golf courses. What makes a Collin Morikawa golf swing style appealing to many players comes from his overall emphasis on natural swing rotation.

Me and my golf students agree that the position of our ball during iron play should have little differentiation with each shot we take.

During the downswing, throwing our body weight towards the target, our position in relation to the ball will create a clean downward connection during impact.

Building a solid foundation for your golf address plays a crucial role in striking irons purely.

It may be better golf strategy to develop a setup that allows for body weight to shift in a backward motion, with optimal follow through.

While maintaining the width of your golf stance, shift your body weight left and begin your downswing.

You’ll find yourself in the best position to strike the ball as your body rotates efficiently, just like the top speed golf pros you see each weekend on the tour.

In order to hit down on the ball, many golfers lift the clubhead of their iron slightly above the ground before taking their usual swing.

00:00 Knee Slide Rotation Flaw
00:50 Left Arm Shaft Alignment Drill
03:04 Colin Morikawa Swing Fix
03:55 Mike Weir Golf Swing Hack
05:29 Left Arm Shaft Swing Neutralization
06:28 Under Arm Swing Connection Drills
08:34 Knee Slide Swing Disruption
09:56 Fix Your Golf Swing Now

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