Chipping Tips with Butch Harmon | Golf Lessons | Golf Digest

For consistent chipping, unlock your right side and get your whole body rotating forward. Find out how from Butch Harmon.

Let’s talk about chipping. Let me show you the biggest fault I see in the average player of why they can’t chip consistently. The problem is they don’t use their body as well as their hands. You have to use your body. Let me show you what happens when you don’t. If you stand stationary with your body when you hit a chip, you’re probably going to scoop it, you’re not going to hit it solid, and you’re not going to get the proper speed you need. Let’s talk about what you need to do. You want to use your legs. Think of your right knee as a little bit of a trigger. Weight’s pretty much on the front side of your feet. Shaft’s forward. Use a little trigger with your legs. Remember, don’t stand still when you hit a chip. Put a little movement in it.

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Chipping Tips with Butch Harmon | Golf Lessons | Golf Digest

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