Chipping Impact – Short Game Lesson on Chipping

PGA Professional Robin Symes explains how to ensure solid contact with your chipping helping improve your short game.
Hi, this is Robin Symes. I’m going to talk about chipping. In particularly, this tip is aimed at anybody who’s struggling hitting their chip shot solid.
I’m going to take a guess that if this is you, you’re probably trying to put the ball more to the right in your stance, hands to the left, put your legs to the left, position your weight on your left foot.
But you see, this position nearly always creates the fault where, your upper body, your spine will be leaning too much away from the target. Your left shoulder will be too high and you’ll be reducing the loft on the club.
So, through the impact zone, you will be trying to increase the loft of the club, left shoulder will be getting higher and spine will be actually going away from the target. It’s this movement which makes it difficult to hit the ball solid consistently.
Trying doing the opposite. Position the ball, center or left of center, I prefer a little left. I’m going to put my upper body to the left, position the weight on my left foot.
And then the key point is, through the impact area I’m going to keep right shoulder moving high towards the target. This will ensure my upper body never backs away from the target, and it’s this movement which ensures I can hit the ball solid every time.
The ball to the left, upper body left and I’m going to keep my right shoulder high moving towards the target.
This tip will ensure that you have better contact in your chip shots consistently.

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