Chipping – How to Hit a Flop Shot in Golf

Flop Shot – Golf lesson and golf tips on how to hit a flop shot in golf.

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Flop shots are useful when you need to send the ball high from around the green and for it to land softly, without much roll forward. It is especially useful when there is an obstacle in between you and the flag – such as a bunker – and there isn’t much green in between that obstacle and the flag.

In order to execute a flop shot you need to take the most lofted club in your bag. A lob wedge at around 60 degrees of loft is the ideal club for this shot.

When you grip the club in your hands, you need to make sure that prior you are opening the clubface by rotating it clockwise. This will add loft to the club, and will help send the ball higher still. Just remember to rotate the club before you grip it instead of rotating your wrists while you are already gripping the club. Doing the latter will cause the clubhead to rotate back during your swing.

At address, the clubface will be aiming to the right of the flag, because you opened its face. To counter that, you will open your stance so that the line formed by your feet will aim to the left of the flag. So your feet, hips, and shoulders will be aiming to the left of the flag.

This open stance will help create an outside-in club path, and a steep swing which will chop across the ball. Combined with the open clubface, the ball should go straight towards the target on a high trajectory and land softly without much roll.

Note that this shot takes some practice to work well reliably and that misshits can be quite devastating because of the full swing amplitude.

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