Chipping – Difficult Golf Lies – How to Chip from the Rough

Chipping from a Heavy Lie – Golf lesson and golf tips on how to hit a chip shot from the rough, when the ball is sitting down or sitting up on the grass.

► Rough/Heavy Lies Chipping Tips – Video Golf Lesson Summary

When the ball is sitting down on heavy rough try to gauge the conditions of the lie by pressing your club down on the grass near the location of the ball. Of course, take caution in making sure doing so won’t make the ball move at all.

The key to hitting a good chip from the rough is to make sure the club strikes the ball cleanly, with as little grass between the club and the ball.

You can do this by hitting down on the ball by using more wrist hinge action than you would normally. The ball should also be found towards the back of your stance.

Opening the club – by twisting the club – before grabbing it will help keep enough loft of the club even though you are hitting down on the ball.

When the ball is sitting up on the rough instead you will want to approach it differently than the method just explained. Indeed, using the same technique can see your club traveling cleanly under the ball and undershooting dramatically.

In these instances, don’t open the clubface as you did when the ball was sitting down in the rough. And position the ball normally in your stance and not as far back. Finally, don’t use as much wrist movement as you did when the ball was buried in the rough. In essence, be mindful not to see the club traveling under the ball and hitting it with the very top of the clubface.

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