Chipping – Difficult Golf Lies – How to Chip from a Downhill Lie

Chipping from a Downhill Lie – Golf lesson and golf tips on how to hit a chip shot on a downslope lie.

► Downhill Lie Chipping Tips – Video Golf Lesson Summary

Downslope lies can occur when the green and its surrounding area form the shape of a bowl.

What you’ll want to do in these instances is for your shoulders to line up parallel to the slope. In essence, you want your body to remain vertical to the ground as it would be on a normal flat surface.

In order to keep stable, you will want to widen your stance a little. This will keep you from falling after hitting the shot or moving during the backswing.

You will want to make sure that you do not lean back on your back foot as doing so will promote hitting the ground first or skulling the ball.

You will notice that hitting shots from this lie will see the ball land sooner than normally and will roll more distance than normally. This happens because the slope reduces the effective loft of the club. In order to counter that, consider using a more lofted club than you would have otherwise.

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