Chart Your Shots Then Fix Your Swing

In this tip I want you to chart your shots. If so, you will recognize a pattern so you can fix your swing.

Years ago when I was learning the swing, I charted my shots because I wanted to see how many fairways I was hitting. For me this was great information to have so I could fix my swing.

So many people I see at the driving range just keep beating golf balls. A lot of the time I can tell it’s not even registering where there balls are going. If you take my advice and start charting your shots like slices and hooks you will clearly see a pattern. If you have way more slices then hook then you are a slicer. Wouldn’t it make sense to fix your swing? Sure, but as I said most people don’t pay attention to where there ball is going so they never see the pattern.

This tip shows you an easy way you can chart your shots. Give it a try. Once you know where you are hitting it then you can start to fix your swing.

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In this tip this is called Chart your shots okay I don't know Whatever that's a good name for now Chart your shots All right so I thought about this the Other day you know a lot of people Never chart anything So back in the day when I was working on My swing I would pick out the uh Something in the distance that Represented a fairway and I would get 100 Balls and I would see how many Drivers I could get in that Fairway Imaginary Fairway out there All right so it was just something that I wanted to do I wanted to get very very Consistent and I wanted to you know hit A lot of Fairways but if you don't even Know how bad you actually are How are you ever going to improve Because you don't even think anything's Wrong or you're not recognizing that Something is severely wrong So thought about this the other day just Give this a try this might work for you Okay so here's what we're gonna do We're gonna take it a bucket of balls With our driver well you could do it With irons too For that it would be did I hit the green Right or left okay this is with driver Okay did I put slice spin on it Did I put hook spin on it or did I go Straight

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So imagine in a bucket of balls large Bucket that's about 75 balls so you Count out 50 balls so that's what this Big pile is over here So you got the 25 right here okay Hopefully you don't run out of balls But this is what I want you to do Every time You slice one We're gonna go to this small pile of Balls right here we're going to move a Ball over here into the slice oops slice Category and then every time We hit a hook we're gonna move a ball Over here into the hook category Okay slice slice slice slice hook hook Okay so when you're done You want to see how many balls are in The slice category how many are in the Hook category you don't have to chart The straight ones Straight ones are good We want to see how many bad ones there Are so if you go like this and by the Time you're done you've got 25 balls Over here or You know 22 balls over here And three balls over here Guess what You are a slicer So the objective is to switch that Around Okay so we want 25 balls over here Over here and we want three balls over

There Okay You do that You are no longer a slicer Sure these are hooks these are the ones You hit straight But hey those are better numbers because You are not hitting the ball with the Face open every time Or the great majority of times Okay so that's the concept it's chart Your shots See what you're even doing so you know That there's a problem Okay so that was just a quick way that I Thought that you could do this just with A bucket of balls you don't have to Chart the straight ones because we Already know they're down the middle You gotta chart the bad ones put the Slices in one pile put the hooks in one Pile so you sit here like this so here We are just so you totally get what I'm Saying Okay so we've got the balls we're gonna Hit these are the balls we're gonna Chart our progress with Okay 50. if you want to know your Percentage just multiply it by two okay Out of a hundred how many did you get in The Fairway how many sliced how many Hooked okay so you step up here you go Okay I'm really gonna hit every ball straight

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Oh oh there's a slice darn So you put a ball in the slice category Okay Now you do it again Okay Okay this time I'm really gonna hit it Straight okay Oh two okay There's another one See what I mean after a while you're Gonna know how many slices you hit If it's a severe problem then You better fix the spin on your shots You can do that by the rollover drill Roll Got tons of tips on it just search Rollover drill we're rolling it over Back here we're hitting the ball low Pull hooks for a little while until we Stop the slice spin on our shots once You can do that then you add body You stop thinking about rolling it you Start thinking about adding body to Straighten out your shots But you got to get rid of the slices First Ideally I'd love every ball These ones would be gone because they're Straight These ones here are in the hook category That's what I would love okay Zero in the slice category You do that All we would be working on at that point

Is adding body to straighten these ones Out that's it All right So hopefully you see it I just want you To chart your shots Now again you could do this with irons Okay if you were hitting in irons Use your pile of balls here To see how many you hit Right of the green how many you hit left Of the green You don't have to chart the ones that Are on the green because you already Know they're on the green you want to Know the bad ones not the good ones We already know the good ones Okay so that's how I want you to do this If you really wanted to do it you could Do it with a pen and paper but then you Have to pick up your pen and paper each Time this you just move a ball into the Category boom Or over here Oh slice hook done count them up count Them up at the end if you're hitting 50 Balls double it you'll know how many Times you're slicing and how many times You're hooking Okay so next time you're at the range Give that a try it's great to know when You're hitting the ball poorly and when You're hitting it well I truly hope you've enjoyed this tip Here's another tip that's going to help

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