Can Tour Pro Break 70, Rick Shiels Break 75 & Amateur Break 80?

Can Tour Pro Break 70, Rick Shiels Break 75 & Amateur Break 80?

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It's the time we got stuck up and hit a Golf shop I'll do it Boom boom baby Yeah All right guys welcome back to break 75 We are here at one of my favorite places In the entire world and that's no Exaggeration wallasey Golf Club the home Of stableford last time we were here With last year in the middle of summer It was cracking the flags it was a Beautiful day We're back again at the start of 2023 And things have changed slightly because It's January it's cold but it's still Going to be an incredible test my Mission today is to break 75. you'd have Seen last week a battle around Royal Birkdale and just missed out on breaking 75 and I had two guests from me last Week and it was exciting hopefully if You really enjoyed the video I was the Only one that failed my mission Well today the lads are back James and Guy are back to see if this time we can Break Wallace it I've got some good news And bad news good news is I've got new Drive in the bag the Ping g430 let's see I'll get on with that but all the good News is just for this James gave me a Little bit of a putting lesson which is Very insightful the bad news however I Was shanking it in the net like nobody's

Business So let's head out there it's going to be Good honestly Wallace here is phenomenal Thing it's such a good golf course so Good and looking at the condition you Won't be mistaken if you thought this Was the middle of spring let's head out There let's battle commence breaking Your own score let's do it and breaking Wallace okay so we're playing the course Today after the whites from these teams About 6 600 yards past 72. opening holes Are Par Four it's a nice a nice kind of Gentle Starting to around the gulf not a lot of Trouble you just need a good drive and They're pitching to the green Let's start strong let's see if that Actually hit a fairway today Foreign It's in the Fairway No probably five yards just off the Fairway again should be good it'll be Fine it's a good start Sounds a lot better Bit thin but it's fine Ish It's windy it really is windy Fireball Just got taken by the wind so much but We're in play Unlike last week's episode it was cold Last week and it is today very very cold It's definitely breezier today coming Off this sea off the left-hand side

I think it's going to really affect the Ball flights something to consider in Today's round Baby fade come on I'll do yeah that'll do as always too Much draw it starts as he means to go on Starts as he finish last round a birdie Striping machine right I'm excited about this one I think you Guys should be too if you're enjoying These videos be sure to like And Subscribe got loads of videos planned This year And a really exciting one coming up After this break-in video right come on Let's put a good round together Okay second shot into the first hole 100 Yards on the nose uh what we hadn't Anticipated for this Pond which I Actually completely forgot about on the Left is actually slightly overflowing Its banks for the amount of rain we've Had here uh luckily I didn't hit mine Well enough to contend with the pond and James is slightly right of it so Everyone's fine but we definitely didn't Know about it right 100 yards 56 degree Wedge and try and flight it a little bit Lower And just Understand that the wind might just Affect the flight Wind affect the flight Might just be a tiny bit short actually

I don't think I quite had enough Club to Get there got 90 yards Slightly into off the left so we're just Gonna hit a little chippy wedge try and Take the spin off it A little bit right we should be putting 80 yards to the flag a lot of wind into The face off the left I'm going to kind Of hit three-quarter 50 degree A nice par to start the round with just What the doctor ordered For a low one bit thin I don't know what I'm doing wrong I'm Sure James will tell me but I keep Thinning my wedges it's really Frustrating it's an 80 yard sharks Should be pretty simple it's like thin It through the back I need to fix that Really so just Mr Green come up short Of fats are in the cold weather Definitely gonna have effect on the Flight of the ball today all right let's Try and get a nice up and down to kick Things off with a par Greens are magnificent like really good Greens for this time of year You saw from that pond how much rain We've had yet the greens seem just Perfect Guy Thanks James nice Pace nice Pace James a good coach a little right to Laughter Greens are looking good see if we can Get the

Support rolling well today Very weak poor pace Okay hopefully no dramas Good pace It's literally just dropped it Silly boy shows you how important place Is Probably start the hell is just Happening is that the sixth worst shot You've ever seen me yet Hell Do not adjust your SATs Nice well tidied up right now now that With me and guy are both being James That's the end of today's video thanks So much See you next week Second hole Par Four Dog leg to the right we mentioned last Time we played here this is the home This right here is the birthplace of Stableford Dr Frank Stapleford had a Nightmare on the first hole a little bit Like James Robertson's just had And he decided to change the whole Scoring system of golf so that if you Have a nightmare it's not the end of the World just have a blob on that hole and You continue to at least we got one Point you had one point there just Requires a good tee shot fighting back Into the wind Great shot Great shot

Oh guys really good He's just gonna bring that perfect Shot great shot got a bit of ground to Make up with already Oh I think an angry James Robinson is a Needs a birdie it's a birdie machine 164 Yards straight back into wind like a Little chippy six iron first Airway Found and 20 holes of golf Gotta fit wind Yeah nice Sharp Perfect just slightly drew it it's one Of the big challenges in this win today Is what we discussed last week with James when it's windy at these links Courses you have to hit enough Club I Think like a lot of amateur golfers my Tendency is to not hit enough Club so I'm gonna every hole make sure just Double check I've got the right Club so This should be a six iron bit like Rick's one kind of a chippy one bit of a Back foot keep it low under the wind I Want a bit of a downhill lie that should Help me fraction Foreign That could actually come up short as Well I know right Len just pulled it right I've got 145 I'm gonna try and play a little knock Down seven take the spin off it Could be good could be very good

Sit down yeah thank you How's close to being good really hard Though all right just off the side of The green We've got a little hump to navigate and It's gonna Trundle down the hill and hopefully get Close That Hill wasn't it wow Yep went holding it back I thought I Only have to get it over that hill and It would be down down the under I Thought I'd have to get it to here Oh Don't waste the pace wow Bounce Back Bounce back Got Pace good Pace that's all I'm saying Today James gave you a little lesson before we Spoke about the importance of taste Putting so my objective today is to Always get good Pace I'll miss that pop The pace of spot off okay down the hill Not much in this learning from James it Should get to the hole Yeah super pot not easy down that slope Was it slippery nice Level pass level path guys just don't Want one over Third hole uphill Par Four into off the Right 393 yards so it's playing its length It's got to be playing at least 450 plus maybe main fingers guys got the

Honor offeric It's a bit of a Slinger It's okay Mound on the left such a phenomenal hole It looks so good doesn't it I just like I love the Contour yeah I Mean this light is making it look even Better but It's really good right driving those two Villages Yep Beauty A1 Fairway Yes it's definitely a fair way wow two In a row welcome to the fairways Well I'm on the phone with James not Sure about you on this home I'm not one Yet Oh yeah oh things have changed Come on random push it back that should Be fine Yeah that's fine just on the hill he was Trying to come down I'm not sure if it Did This golf course is tough for many Reasons but even when you miss the Fairway it's not always massively thick Rough this isn't too bad but look at That slope The ball is gonna be so far above my Feet I still got a hundred and well 200 Yards to the flag So we're gonna go for the long Club both Of my feet it's gonna be a really tricky

Shot and I'll be honest with you I don't expect to get this to the green Really so I'm gonna try and just hack One up there and get my third shot on The green so I'm gonna go with the five Iron Really all I could do I'm actually happy with that it's giving Me a good chance of getting on the green And hopefully holding the power up okay After finding Two Fairways back to back let's see if I Can capitalize I'm almost exactly the Same distance as the last hole so I'm Going to hit the same Club but hit it With a little bit less draw six iron Pins back right the Miss would actually Be a tide of it to the left pin High Left What's fascinating down here you can Have the feel of breath of wind up there The flag's fluttering and above that I Think whenever you can see birds quite Literally hovering and gliding in the Sky you can tell there's some wind up There so Let's try and cut one Little three-quarter cutsy one against The wind is the problem Oh it's grown again Damn Oh that's not a good myth that's Miss Left I think missed last kicks more left Down into the valley of death ah

Okay so 146 yards he's playing about four yards Uphill Into a very stiff breeze so It's probably playing about 185 easily So I'm gonna try and hit and knock down Six arm and a nice smooth swing and try To take the take the spin off it plenty Of Club Thank God Might be a bit short go a little Oh it's stiff take that Nice and easy into the Breezy guys Struck it well But Direction was pretty poor okay third Shot into this part four after missing To the left Skinny Yeah just a little bit skinny Well it's getting a bit closer than that But it's okay give me a pull apart All horrendous I thought I'm gonna turn More than that down the hill the wind's Just going to push it a little bit to The right it's gonna go left side And a lot there in that Bogey on the score card A little bit disappointed after a great T-shirt Should have got closer to the I should have hit on the greens below That wind is just You can play tricks on your mind right That's about bird is for rubbo let's see

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If we can roll this one in so I've Learned a little bit of bricks there and A little bit more right than I thought So see if we can continue with the Birdie train Looks good very good very good It's just not bloody fair is it that's Just not fair Oh well I commit bogeys so Wow pretty incredible I must admit not quite as incredible as This next tea shop so this is what we're Talking about the fourth hole here at Wallacy it's phenomenal massively raised Tea par five straight down as you can See on the right hand side you get these Incredible views of the ocean and Actually as you go even further afield You can see the snow on top of some of The hills we've had some real bus snow Around here recently uh cracking hole Down hill Down wind power five big Slinger Absolutely smashed out yeah hi James aim In the sea and draw it longest drive Comp yeah yeah longest drive Let's do it Stay in the far away Yeah it's good really good right side of The flower Oh that's a Slinger that's long I think You've done me he's held his follow Through as well he loves that looks so Professional

All right that's cute a couple of a Couple of cute shots nice Oh That's buttoned Come on come on have a look at this There's three balls on The Fairway That's a positive There's two here on the left that are Very close to each other and one on the Right which I think James Robinson's Right As we see two golf balls here on the Left It's not too hard to identify I'm using A yellow one does that say anything yeah I'd like to say I hit mine then as good As I possibly can I'll be honest with You and I said to Rick he also did he Agreed and he's actually up driven me if I do the the count one two three four Four yards and I think you're level with James I would I would question this you Hit it much more downwind than I did Didn't this no yeah he's longer me and James are probably level yeah All right I know it's cold I know it's Cold let's just whip my top off again You know just just to show you what's Actually under this one packing Um yeah well that officially Longest drive Winner 230 yards to the middle of the green Obviously this nice wind kind of off the

Right and helping and kind of in between Clubs here my three wood might go too Far hit it well three iron he's probably The club to hit but it's not really one They want to hit off the deck we're Going to have to unfortunately it's a Three iron kind of move it down that Right side a little bit and hopefully It'll fractionally turn over with the Wind Foreign Strike oh that's sensational That's Sensational wow great golf shot Thank you I speak to us that was Literally hard clubs off the floor and I Absolutely crunched it and made up with That one and I'm gonna do a four iron I Want to hit exactly the same shot as Guys It's not far off that's going to be Really good as well Mr bunker it will do That's done oh great shot that gets up Oh it's just a little bit short yeah Lovely I've got 221 from a different Angle so I'm gonna hit four iron Try to follow guy in he's nice and close There Or thinned it that's great it's never Getting there Mr bunker big bounce That's shocking no make sure Oh I love that Oh I just took half a little skip Well that's great though better than I Would have done with the putter

Yeah yeah me too mate stop the cap Okay so I'm actually just to the front Of the green here but not far away like The pinch right at the front and I'm Just off the apron here I'm going to Give this a proper Eagle opportunity for A three crack open some Eagle sauce Smoked it oh I've smoked it It's way too hard Ah right for Eagle come on After those three drives one of us needs To have a good run at it Keep tracking Yeah not about that right decent place After last week and with the four put It's gotten the head a little bit so I Just thought they'd get it close it's Quite easy to de-green yours there Exactly Okay so for birdie Not letting this Oh stay left on you really questioned it To be understood over it Silly five after a great drive and a Very good second shot To come off with a five there is very Disappointed Silly silly boy a little uphill right to Left Of course Thank you it was easier for me I was Blow the hole Yes come on then for another one guy I'm only letting the side down

Yeah just snuck it snuck it in The birdie sauce everywhere barrier Hey I need to pull my finger out I need To start making some birdies silly there Silly five Fifth op3 pins back left 164 yards Um what are you going to go with James I've got an eight iron just gonna try And ride it on the Wind looks like a Hole if you don't want to be long on but It certainly runs away from yourself Hopefully it's just a bit short of the Flag Oh no Shocker terrible I don't know what to say I don't know what to say Both face big pull horrible Foreign Catch a piece Yeah put it all right let's see if I can Actually play a shot over the bunker Chippy seven iron Keep roaring get over the bunker drawing Put in my shop I'll fire it at the hole and had it nip Up Oh beautiful That's good Oh it looks very good very nice sit There Across the green But kind of got scared of it by yours Guys to be honest

Yep it's in got enough of it to go in Support guy I'll tied it up Thank you Save par three pass 343 yards by four straight downwind so I Think they're real good and you could Get close here I'm gonna take it a Little bit higher actually See it high and let it fly downwind Phenomenal straight after that big Bounce Yeah that absolutely should be on the Green Foreign Just a smoothie Rick middle of the green You are the long one in the group that's True I might try to cut it in there yeah Take a bit off it won't it Oh it's straight at it that's lovely is This a test of who's the long ball Looks like it's about to roll on yep Shots great shot lovely Up mate That was awesome I just caught it That's perfect that's what you need It's a better one It's buying down All right check this out Walking up to the green here on number Six I say off that too it's 340 odd Yards There's a nice glow of a yellow golf Ball

Perched right in the middle of the green Probably about a 15 16 footer for eagle Come on Rick I feel like I need Something to inject and go off to really Get me going I'm not playing terrible But I feel like one over doesn't Represent the way I've been playing Let's try it on the par in this round of Golf okay so my first teacher went out Of bounds I didn't feel good over it at All just blocked it was a terrible one The second one though was better still Not great like I mean look at Rick those Literally got a really good put for Eagle to try and get this close Thank you God didn't oh really quite go Oh that's a shade in that one good Strike as well okay so after hitting it Straight through the green I'm Officially calling myself longer than Rick now I'm gonna play it pitching wedge get Straight back into the wind And let's try and release it to the flag Again gotta be quite aggressive into the Wind Release release Not bad a little bit too short well Okay here we go For an eagle too Right to left uphill a put that I really Like the look of wind's just going to

Move it back a little bit to the left Go go go in the middle oh I wouldn't move that a lot It's a little bit more Pace ah Yeah Should never be disappointed with Birdies but sometimes Come on Oh my goodness I needed that one as well To save the Vogue okay I just have to Learn a little bit of bricks there Definitely goes a bit further left than I thought just outside right roll it in Nice bounce left little Bobble Pointing a little Bobble halfway down Kicked it a little bit left but Green's Up here for the time of year but Unfortunately that one definitely off a Little Spike mark Certainly wasn't too butter pork but one Of those things it's just golf isn't it 525 yard par five Um pretty straight but with the Wind Come off the left Kind of I'm gonna aim at that dome in The distance and just cut it off that Great strike Yeah it's Mr trap I actually don't think He would have cleared the Trap either no Okay I'm gonna try and do similar to Rick aim at that door but I'm gonna try And hit a holy drawer on it Pulled it strong flight Missed that trap Get Lucky

I'll pass it but it's okay No it's too much again Oh no get down I'll fly straight out and it started up The left guy Better but not ideal again Maybe near Rex Yeah okay okay so after a bit of a Pulley Drive 258 yards to the flag wins off the left Out of bounds just right at the green so Definitely want to keep something up That left side Oh it's good I'm not sure it's done the yardage needs To stay in the air And I look pretty good actually for Yardage Second Chance is power five I'm 240 yards to the flag What did you then James five wood only Got two iron I'm gonna try and nail it The two bunkers on the left hopefully They'll win because it's strong off the Left moves it away from them and then it Clumbers up to the green Thank you Oh it's lovely shot this chasing up There Oh yeah Get up hello Is that bunker shot right I really don't Know It's hard to tell isn't it good shot Though come on so I'm gonna hit three

Iron kind of chip one down there and try In this is three off the T obviously Here to try and resolve something slow Stroke 3i in keep it under the wind Oh that's a great strike good lines hit Too well not quitting wind yeah nice ah Ground fade Oh nice shot mate that one right I found This bunker short right which I kind of Feared I actually didn't know it was Here Um but it's no excuse Got quite a big lip to get over and Quite a long distance to travel Which makes things a touch harder so I'm Going to hit it pretty full And make sure I commit to to it with Plenty of Loft Ah fantastic Fantastic That's incredible Thanks mate yeah I was pretty happy with That that redeems that bunker shot I had At birtdale last week okay so I'm Starting out of balance off the T I'm Here now for four and up and down for Bogey would really really Um be well that's what I want that's Really what I need to do really inside Rick should be absolutely the dream Chipping on 99 real link shot list using All the Slopes and relations of the ground Slow Down slow down slow down slow down

Six out of ten okay so Flagger I have From a trusty five would Short-sighted though so it's got a Little floppy lab wedge could bump it Into the bank but I'm gonna go the high Road Try and get close we can get inside Rick's beautiful bunker shot Release go oh Yes nice it's nice Ready you needed that Terrible Bad Pace bad line apart from that was Great I've never really good Foot Right For back-to-back birdies after a nice Bunker shot Well done thank you thank you that was Uh birdie machine Not quite James Okay eighthold Par Four dog leg to the Right As you can see though this whole hugs The practice ground on the right hand Side The flag's right over there you can see All the yellow flags they're the Practice grounds like the white flags Right over there in the corner so green Keepers hooked in the distance there Either on that or slightly right of it Is perfect Face out perfect very good Of the shop Take that one might be just right Ross

But it's fine Silence Oh no Okay we'll go again Oh no I'm not going again it's not girls That's fine calling it it's fine yeah Definitely improving one more and you'll Be on the far away I hate golf we're in play it took me Three attempts off the T to get all in Place this is almost six shot and you Know what obviously I'm disappointed There's nothing worse than out of bowels And outbounds again but we're really Tough fun doesn't matter so let's try And smile keep our heads held high and Just get some half decent score together 140 yards to the middle of the green I'm Gonna go for a three-quarter nine iron Foreign Guys that I'm 130 to the flag I only got 992. I'm just gonna really really trying to Take all the Loft off it really hits it Low let the Wind Drift it back It's on the green it was a very Necky Necky nearly shank okay I've got 116 Went into off the left I'm just going to Play a very small chippy 99. A little bit fat needs to go Well too bad you want the flag but We're putting let's try and get this one In the hole give everyone somewhere to

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Uh enjoy a little bump and drum pitching Wedge up that slope feed it back in It's going in you've heard it here first Oh Okay Third shot on this part four But very very very Interesting Port from this point here Once it gets about three quarters of the Way it's all downhill I need to sit down needs to sit down oh And there are fast it was going to be It's rapid that oh five six feet of Break on this left to right Stay high stay high man of pace So again nice good good place good Pace Oh it's all paces Nine nine yep Solid thank you easy put Right par three ninth hole Interesting one this 140 yards Upside down saucepan this green Upside down walk I'm gonna hit it out the flag and just Let it peel off Oh it's at it that's in the holes at it And that's not It's Bobo Bob Jetta Nice Shot thank you Sir Let's just do exactly what Rick did Chipping out straight to the flag Just like that could be nice Oh sit down oh long Come on

Be more like James I like Rick on this little actually Yes I'll do it Do it Certainly stiff lovely shot I'll go in There a little bit thank you that's why You gotta keep going at golf keep Smiling keep crapsing keep hitting it And you'll get hold them on soon Hopefully things crossed Yeah you should do that insert back in I Hate golf right three very nice shots Into this green With my distancing guy's line We could have had a one we could have Can we have three twos that would be Sensation Nope it's not moving it's a dead Straight port Great Pace great For a two up the hill right to left very Very similar put to what I've just had On the previous hole to be honest Kind of have a rolled now I'm easy three We said three threes Yeah three solid pass guys let's move on Three great shots in tap par three Three now very disappointed golfers Walking off with three pars right we'll Do a score update halfway done we need To grab some food Check out this A pile of Toasties for me the lads and

The crew Well this is just the best so on the 10th day the clubhouse was behind as the Car park I'm sure it's not the driver's Fault I'm actually gonna run back to the Car and get my old driving put it back In the bag I've haven't gone with this Today It must be what do you think James it's Got to be me but I do feel like it's Shaking more off it seems like it's Cutting a lot in the Left Right winds so Maybe a bit of drive driving around to Work and it'll be fine but I'm gonna get An island back for now see what happens So 10-0 drivable par forward slight Duglet to the right you kind of got a Lay up play it back to about 200 yards And Pitch up the hill or Go for it I've been hitting driver Pretty well it's gonna go for it been Fed been watered ready to go Pay the great shot The right top bombing I just don't know If it's the distance look good from here That's really good that's really really Good We need to go yeah no I don't think so He needs to sit if anything really What's up guy that's right sensible Sensible option 112 yards to the flag Huge hill and there's a lot of wind into As well so we're actually going to play It's like 135 yards or so we're gonna

Put nine iron up there try and get it Close and it's gonna be a new guy this Back nine new and improved Get up go a little I've stalled so much Oh no Thank you Sure great shot so right A very good t-shirt the wind definitely Hampered the flight I'm about 50 yards Short 34 50 yard short you can see the Pins elevated on that Hill got two Options here I would have liked the third option Third option would have been put option Two is to literally hit like a six iron And run it all the way up option three Is to get lob wedging Out like a professional golfer and hit a Nice little float on top of that hill And that's what I'm going to do Pretty good Yeah that's all right that I'll take it Anything just up and thought up Something like hell I'm happy with so Not far from the flag but gotta go a Steep hill bit like Rick's can't see the Bottom of the flag so Let's try and hit a little floaty lob Wedge It's come out very right Might not be too bad Okay birdie put here on ten not much in It winds just going to push it left to

Right a little bit I feel like I feel like I'm all I think I'm a bit shy on Pace Almost dying him in and it's it's an Almost day let's get some sauce going Saucy Yes get that sauce Nice all tidied up Foreign Straight back into wind a little bit off The right it's kind of a bit of a Hidden Fairway beautiful path isn't it Yeah seriously impressive right come on Jay just at the flag and just rip it I'm Just amazing Yeah And maybe all the way around now It'll be good I think don't worry it's Boring You old Great shot tell you what you're driving Is absolutely Bob on Yep not long but it's effective And it's crunched Sit right It's good Be money be money That's huge Massive yeah that's what she said Okay second shot into this beautiful Hole pins up on the hill uh 84 yards but Straight back into wind and a little bit Off the right I'm gonna play like a Little three-quarter gap wedge

I'll be phenomenal that looks great Right So I'm done Spit in That's gonna be close go in should be Good okay I've got 67 yards But we're playing uphill about let's say It's probably playing about seven two One Slightly into off the right got 58 Degree Oh this looks nice go a bit Oh no I think it's in the Box no resin That was cool that was a shotgun oh that Was not good that's in the top ten big Mistake that's the worst shot I've ever Hit No idea Good strike Right for birdie left to right Oh very good port On the high side as well I feel like I'm Getting really Good at two foot in I should not have a Part put of this length on this hole Very disappointing but A single put Makes up for all the mistakes Yeah That would have been ridiculous I know That was such a bad bogey Very very poor does that hurt does that Make you sick yeah that was a birdie Chance turned into a bogey

Very sick In ambulance I'll do that guys Don't be that guy Yeah well done nice To pass the good players yeah kind of Bogey for the average guy Chopper Twelve oh Quite simply a stunning Hole Old Tom Morris designed this and it's pretty Much not changed ever since scattered With bunkers horseshoeing around the Front edge of the green small green thin And long Um elevated T played 140 yards today we Are hitting off a Max obviously it's Winter they're protecting the T Just appreciate how beautiful it is Beautiful even the mat's impressive even The map's impressive right uh I'm gonna Go straight at it Grab a piece Straight back just didn't yeah didn't it Didn't commit yeah what Australian hole This is um I'm gonna go the same Pitching wedge a bit more of a full Swing than maybe Rick did and try and Get it get it close Looking off that bunker Oh my word It's huge there you go James that's Now I know exactly what to do thanks Guys really helped me out there Might have hit agreeing with a wedge

It's in oh Beautiful beautiful it's hard to behind The flag a bit long right look at this For a bunker shot oh I was annoyed with That pulled wedge I should have tried to I think hitting a Full 50 degree would have been better For me anyway quite a big Bank Really the job is just to get it out and Let the hill take it down to the flag Beautiful design I love this proper Splash up Great shot go on run out Beauty thanks mate Yeah a couple options there real big Splash and let it run down the bank or Playlist and then land it on we went With option one Release Come on James sun's coming out the scene Is set on Old Tom Morris's hole the Sun's coming out for me come on Tom be Lucky for me Come on Tom My good Pace it was great thanks Paul good work that's a little trailer For last week Little swapsies okay come on let's join The lads with threes There's gray up and down I'm Gonna Save Mate thank you Don't want to let team down okay two par Fives coming up back to back Saucy Saucy saucy

High five thirteenth Slight slight slight dug leg to the Right Good drive needed Slightly under the hole it's fine Similar to makeup It's okay Oh schnapping they're hooking big toe Strike up all up it'll make it filming Easier yeah he's getting used to this YouTube right I just fancy the walk with You guys he's hitting it closer to make Filming easier I have no idea how far I've got looks about 300 yards at least straight into the Wind So I've got a decent lie so I'm just Gonna try and Pummel the three wood up There somewhere close Oh very spinning yeah I think I'll need Another one of those to get to the green Wow that's a poor golf shot It's okay it's par five It's definitely playing its length so I've got almost exactly the same as as James I'm gonna do exactly the same Hopefully no offense change with a Better result try and hit a low one Yeah that shot really good Okay Second Chance is part five I've Snagged a good lie and I'm hitting Driver well so I'm gonna go for it Foreign S I've got 127 yards

Straight into the wind I'm actually going to chip an eight iron Is that much wind Big block right Three shocking golf shots on the spin Did you have a good one soon so 124 Yards of the flag which normally for me Would be like a pitching wedge but There's so much wind and another one Eight iron Shanked it Okay 90 yards for my third shot not sure What the other two have been up to but James uncharacteristically knocking it Way off to the right and guy maybe not Uncharacteristically shanking it right Third shot 90 yards and I really try and Play a low fizzy gut wedge That's right Good for distance it kind of just set Off too far right never mind that shank Came from nowhere Um he always seem to call me not Expecting them don't they Shanks but Anyway a nice pitch over this bunker a Bit of wins the face 54 degree Got this one close Slow down Great shot it's better Okay so after three of the worst shots Of it all day my face with a 30 yard Pitch down a hill right to left Watch him chipping I'm out

Robo Hole 13 or falling asleep guys Need a Night Nurse oh 13 are lucky for Some Definitely lucky for me okay Outside birdie opportunity here Across the green Oh that's pathetic That is really pathetic contagious There's bad golf on this hole isn't it Still got a 12 foot port for par And that's got no chump God I feel like I've been putting through tree called The water today That was a long hole 800 yards Oh Holding all the way Oh but okay It doesn't feel like a birdie yes past Six this today Yep very good nice work nice work all Right let's get on to a whole downwind Par 5 14th wind's helping us a little Bit off the left-hand side Hit it high watch it fly Yeah maybe just right North but Absolutely fine good job mate Shout Good hip -hop yeah that's step one so with all Three of us I hit really good drives uh Sadly mine's the shortest then Rick's And then James is but that's fine I can Live with that uh 181 wind helping off


The left we're gonna try and really hit A good a tie-in because if it does get That caught by that wind it will help it Oh no It's not a best strike miss that trap Side of the green chipping apart for Birdie 165 yards I'm gonna chip a little Later a little fady eight iron This is all over it Oh knocked it out the sky didn't it good Job I didn't go nine now I've got 155. I'm gonna chip an eight-time keep it Left to the flag and let it drift in That's a really good shot please be good Albatross Albatross go ahead great shark What's close that was phenomenal Thank you Let's get an eagle okay we've got um Quite a difficult shot here really so my Game plan is a little bump in the night Just get it past that fridge and roll up The flag inside James this would be an Absolute dream I could just tap in the Birdie Foreign Similar to the fourth hole I played Earlier It might as well perhaps be on the green Now that hole I raped my Eagle Point Pastor Mr birdie so I do really want a Bird this time but I'm gonna give this My fullest attention for the eagle also The wind might have just done a bit more

As well again this is a big put for me This one would be great to get a birdie Yeah yes I need that one Okay birdie for guy I'll hopefully Clear The Stage for James's eagle Very nice Birdie the real Shot is this one after A phenomenal driver a Titan to here blue Sword It's been the most pretty sauce come on Yeah let's get that blue sauce Oh my God very good right four holes to Play The scores have tweaked a little bit James is three under I'm two under guy Is nine over 15th hole Par Four 352 yards as you can See there with the Digger on the Left-hand side a little bit of Maintenance work taking place that Bunker so to the right of that is Perfect and it's just a little flick up The hill James okay so into the wind try And get a nice low spinner going Perfect Just over it Spot on middle for Diddle Shot rake great ball Lovely Tell you what brought your A game today It's fun off so that should be fine That's lemonade but it's fine Okay second insurance is par for 80. I

Was saying James 84 yards and I've got 82 you'll be 84 just slightly behind me I'm gonna chip a little gap wedge in There trick is to land it past the flag Foreign Yeah that wasn't the flight I pictured In my head the flight I pitched in my Head wasn't that high now luckily it's Clung on to the edge but God that could Have uh That could have been very horrible Leaps it a bit right Just On The Fringe Okay so that's where it pitched Up there and it spun here to the front I Was lucky A few more Rolls that would have been back down the Hill and far away put across the green Left to right speed control is key Just past the flag rake very slow up That hill wasn't it Would have been in the middle if I hit It take that that's a Smelly pin Great effort mate Massive Port well done waves I genuinely Felt like I was eating that yeah Keep the ball rolling Three holes that's a play Really hard part three and then two par Fours on the right that's right these Guys are killing it Rick is playing the Best I've seen him played a long time

Very very solid two and apart James is The underpal just cruising that's what He does I am 10 over par but having said That if I can power into 82 with that 94 I'll take that Looks so so so good Pretty good No idea I'm gonna go too high and even Though James got a bit long there I've Only got two iron off four iron so I'm Gonna try and just cut this one back Into the breeze All my days Fight Hard simmer Take the chair Hit something execution's 10 out of 10. Yeah it was just a bit I've probably Pictured it twice the height rather Coming out like a bullet Wind So me and James have actually gone along We went left at a flag and it's gone Down this hill guy went right and we Weren't sure if it stayed upon the bank It's not it's actually trickled down Really nicely into a good spot Um right Come on Rick Can I put it Good Old Pottery will get there Landed on it got him ready for a bit of Safety to be honest I'm gonna try and be A bit cuter Might get it stiff From the face on the 58

That's how it's done Oh that is how it's done close Thank you magician Magic stuff up and down up and down I'll take that save Go go go go go And Pace important but I don't want to Make any silly mistakes either so I'm up To hold it but if not tapping bogey Great Port mate good effort no disaster Hold up Grateful that was my uh that was my First bow game this is the third hole Oh never mind I'm still in the car two Walls to go Okay 17th hole 400 and 52 yards so it's A long one Howling wind off the left So I need to bang a good shot of the Left half Like the Wind Drift it back let's have a Strong finish Leaky He's on the bank on the right isn't it That's good Second shot's more downwind now Yeah good shot mate right right Sammy Baby yeah Okay second shot into the 17th blind Second shot as well I'm 170 yards from The front of the green so I'm going to Hit it hard on that line wind's helping Me off the left in fact I'm saying I'm Going to hit it hard I'm actually not

I'm going to try and hit this quite soft Come on Strong Finish Should be phenomenal well it's good It's at the middle isn't it Good shot mate thumbs up all round Okay got very lucky here so I've got 157 Winds howling off the left again so I'll Play a little chippy a Time It's got the burial very very very left Thank you so Pin and I left to the green Fringe is very very nice so I'm gonna Put this Up over the mound a little bit right to Left Down to the hole It's all about Pace this Settle down settle down Firm so they're not grumbling after that Second shot I am surprised it ran on so Far however The opportunity on here he's not want to Be sniffed at I thought the hill right To left wind's also going to move it a Little bit from the right come on can I Get bounce back can I do a James Robinson and bounce back Yes you can yes boom baby Yeah yeah That's got to be one of the hardest Holes as well I like this hole last I Haven't got up insane that's a great Adventure today it's a great birdie come On let's follow rickon important put

This to keep me through under par Left Big pull horrible Horrible Shocking bogey Nicely Welcome down to this One hole to go great little powerful to Finish And scores on the doors I'm too under James two under embarrassed with these Scores I'm 10 over Okay last hole here at Wallace and what Around it's been powerful straight back To the clubhouse the church in the Background there's the line with a Little bit of cut I feel most confident that I can give This a good rattle down there and Hopefully ride it on the Wind Oh lose it up the left a bit of a Smaller can't see that down okay I'm Going with three wood left that church a Little cup committed swing for once Edit lost it idiot Hopefully there's a bit far away down There I'm gonna try and just smash the Three wood at the church And although Peter birdie Okay so I'll stop looking there what's As bad as it looked off the tee on this Hill low ball well above my feet 100 Well about 200 yards to the flag so

Seven nine because there's so much wind Helping but I need to weigh him right She's going to want to curl left on me Softened it I'm 200 yards to the front of the green Now I can't see the flag there's a clock Right on top of the clubhouse I can see From here I'm going to go out the clock and just Draw it into the back flag okay come on Finish strong really good iron shot into The green this is time you gotta step up And hit a golf shot That'll be phenomenal Sure Protective I didn't want to go left Because I went left last time I played Here and I was dead so I think it's Short front right I'll have a long long Long third put But at least it's safe guys if you Enjoyed this video certainly bringing James into the mix it's been real fun be Sure to like And subscribe now next Episode unfortunately James Clark joins Us but we're going to this year's Open Championship venue just down the road From here in fact Royal Liverpool High Lake is coming next Feel like my game's trending let's hope We can continue around a very testing Golf Course okay one six two Straight down Breeze I've got a nine Iron and we need a birdie to break 70.

Try and knock it Stiff get a nice easy Finish Slightly right oh good for yardage Give himself a chance Bait oh no come back I've come up short on the last hole but Not in a bad position I've just Zapped the flag I'm 55 yards Away Luckily for me I'm on The Fairway a Little bit like last week's episode We've got some members and established Guests looking on from the clubhouse I Think Mr Captain was playing in front of Us so I'm sure he's uh keep an eye on This and again I'd love I'd love To grab log budget Take the legs off it and flip it there But let's be honest there's only one Choice to go for here right This is about 160 foot It's going to take everything I've got To get it all the way back there But the good thing is it just basically Hit it how's the cab Not too worried about break he's not a Lot in it down in two would be Phenomenal Great for Pace It's actually it's actually pasta past The flag a little bit to the right We've got that Porter for a 70 200. Right good chip in the par Who believes me if you hand up if you

Believe me thank you He did call it oh Oh yeah that would have been outrageous Right James I have the whole list now I Think for a 69 to break 70. This port has to go in Has to go in Big Pop But arguably the biggest part of your Life Could well be forget Q School forget European tour forget the open This is the biggest part of James Roberts come on left Edge for a 69 to Break 70 here at Wallace A couple of deep breaths Can I counter up the adrenaline It's on its way good roll oh it's missed At least it wasn't sure worst thing I Could have done left it shot today's up With my day at all but this is for an 83 Which isn't isn't great but it's kind of Respectful on a tough leads course with A nine on the card I think it burns that Nine For a bogey in 83 Foreign Okay this is for a 70 a bit of a Disappointing day but it's a pointing Day My uh d game today But uh I've enjoyed it Thank you very much right now this is The most important part of my life Because this is the tie

James Robinson This is a great post game and James what Is d game This is the Tie if it makes a difference I really want you to get it I do I'm not Sure if you do but I do everyone's in The clubhouse Ready I'm watching Biggest fist bump of my life this goes In off the right support I've actually Had quite a few times today Let's rock it in Stay up oh okay okay mate So look around the golf Swallow 71. managed to break 75. thanks James That was the best I've seen you play for A long time Guys thanks for watching hope you Enjoyed the video be sure to like And Subscribe again check out James as his New coaching role at sentence on links Thanks for watching next week Unfortunately James can't join us we're Heading to Royal Liverpool watch this Space nice thanks to Wallace there the Place is phenomenal and we will surely Be back very soon Peace out