Can Swinging OVER-THE-TOP Actually Improve Your Game?

In this video, we’ll explore the benefits of swinging over the top and see if it really can improve your game. We’ll cover topics like spin, carry distance, and accuracy that comes with swinging over the top, and how it can be of great detriment, or benefit to a standard golfer!

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Hey everybody thanks for tuning in on George Conley with scratch golf tips and Today we're going to be talking about The over the top move which is something That we've obviously talked about quite Frequently on the channel as something That is not good for the golf swing it Has a lot of detriments to it you may Struggle with performance but in this Video what we're going to talk about is Can you really play with an over-the-top Golf swing and can you shoot better Scores and improve your game so that's What we're going to talk about in this Video so for those who are unaware the Over-the-top move is something that Manifests itself in the transition of The golf swing so once you're at the top Of your backswing normally we'll see People shallow out the golf swing and Then they will come from in to out but When you come over the top through this Transition you're going to actually cast Your arms out and then you're going to Come from out to in across the ball now This is undeniably one of the leading Causes of a slice because you're coming Across the ball so heavily the ball is Spending more time on the club face and If you have an open Club face through That process you're just going to lose The ball very heavily left to right for A right-handed golfer so in terms of Slicing if you have a slice obviously

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The over-the-top move is not for you It's going to be very beneficial to try And shallow out that swing however if You are slightly over the top and it's Very controlled there are absolutely Some benefits to having that motion Again I am not saying you should be Swinging over the top that's not Something to promote in your golf swing However if you naturally do come a Little bit over the top in the golf Swing that is certainly something that You can work with and and hone in Throughout time so here's what we need To understand about coming over the Top If You Are Over the Top in your golf Swing you're going to hit a natural fade If it's very exaggerated you're going to Hit a natural slice so if for me Personally I'm a baseball player I come From baseball background when I stop Playing baseball and I picked up a golf Swing I was coming crazily over the top Because that's what mimicked a baseball Swing that's what I knew but over time I Reigned it in I got rid of this massive Slice and I reigned it into more of a Controllable fade and now I stick with That kind of Swing I'm a little bit over The top and I understand that but I've Learned to control it through practice And time spent on the driving range now That being said it's still not the best To have that over the top swing because

Naturally with a fade you're going to Hit the ball a little bit less far than Someone who hits a natural draw I know That if I hit a fade with my driver and I hit it really nicely my total yardage Is going to be about 275 yards whereas If I hit a draw which I struggle with Personally but if you hit a draw Especially with driver that ball is Going to go 20 25 yards further down the Line another issue that needs to be Recognized with coming over the top is While you do have that natural fade the Miss is often a dead pull which is a big Issue because that's called a two-way Miss you can over correct with the fade And you can over fade the ball so that For right-handed golfer you're missing The ball too far right you could also Have a pull Miss which means that you're Just hitting it dead left so if you Think of yourself on the course you know You're 150 yards out aiming at a green And you don't know hey I might miss this 20 yards left I might miss this 20 yards Right that's not a good feeling to have And it's not conducive to playing good Golf another negative to having the Over-the-top move is if it is an Exaggerated over-the-top move you're Going to be very steep through impact And steepness through impact is usually Conducive to chunking the golf ball so Unless you're super precise and putting

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A ton of time into your swing and Practicing your low Point control often That over the top move is really going To bite you in the back because you're Going to be chunking balls with irons Hitting at 20 yards taking up a ton of Dirt and just frustrating yourself on The golf course so those are the cons But that's not to say that the Over-the-top move should be entirely Banished what I will say is that a very Heavily exaggerated over-the-top move That leads to slices absolutely I will Never condone that get away from it if That's part of your swing but coming Slightly Over the Top If you understand That you may develop a two-way Mist You're not going to hit the ball as far But some people really like it because It's natural they like the fade they Like how that aligns with their eye and They can control it and if you're a big Strong golfer you don't really need the Extra yardage from hitting a draw so if You find yourself with that fade and You're comfortable with it just be sure That you're not getting too far over the Top but you can absolutely play with it That being said you can also shift as Parts of your swing that you can hit a Draw I like to hit a fade it's my go-to Shot especially off the tee but I know That if I need to turn to a draw I can Shallow out that swing that's something

That I can do am I 100 with it am I Fully confident in it no but when Presented with the opportunity where I Have to do it I can so if you're Spending time practicing and if you're Spending time on that swing plane you Don't have to have the same exact swing Plane for every swing some of the Greatest golfers who ever played the Game are artists they shape the ball in All kinds of ways and it's very exciting To watch and we'd love to be that way But it takes a lot of time to be able to Do that so just be sure that if you are Adopting That over-the-top Swing you are Closely monitoring that hey I'm not Coming way over the top I'm coming just A little bit over the top and it Contributes to a fade and above light That I'm very comfortable with and that I can if I practice more I can improve My golf with this swing I'd love to hear Your thoughts on this topic because I Don't think it's generally something That's spoken about very much you know We always think we need to teach the Perfect golf swing but unless you're Putting a ton of hours into your golf Swing just working with what you have And making some fine tweaks that can Really make you a better golfer and make The whole process much more enjoyable Which is what this is all about if you Enjoyed this video please leave a like

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Rating it helps YouTube show this type Of content to more people who will also Find it helpful it also helps me see What type of content everyone is Enjoying so that we can tailor future Uploads to what you guys want to see if You want to see more content like this Feel free to subscribe to the scratch Golf tips YouTube channel as always we Thank you very much for watching play Well and take care