Can Rick Shiels Break 75 at The Open? (Special Editon)

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Seriously There's only thing about so you can get A stance to it I actually don't even know how I did That about Should have stopped Oh my God He's contemplated day well done quite Sure Oh my God Alright guys welcome back to break 75 Here at the historic Royal Liverpool the Host venue for this year's 151st Open Championship here in July It's gonna be packed with the best Players in the world now we're getting Hit the really early access to film a Very special episode of break75 brought To you by the one club in partnership With MasterCard and it's the opens free To join platform so why today is a very Special rate 75 because it is a real Open Edition even today extent where Today I've enlisted the services of a Professional Shields on the bib the open we've got Scoreboards we've got banners out there We've even got Special appearance from the Clara jug Without further Ado let's go and break 75 Round Royal Liverpool And today And here we go as well you are a bit of A battle this is going to be this

Morning it's going to be tough I say This morning it's this afternoon now This is break 75 but it's not break 75 Realistically for you I think this is Break 80 today because it's going to be Absolutely solid it's wet it's cold it's Windy it's a lynx course there's the Clarence York there's pressure one Eternity later but you've got a caddy no Excuses I've got a caddy now last time I Played here last year I shot 80. it was Very very windy now today we're going to Sprinkle even a little bit of more magic Dust on this video because they open a Very nicely helping us film this video It's gonna be even more special footage Which even I'm excited to see uh they're Gonna grab your bag I'll have to grab my Bag because you've got a caddy knife no I'll tell you what see you later it's Got a tea That's only like you're right I'm gonna go and hit a few balls on the Range first I think and then get on the First Tee I've got to say considering we Are so early in the year This golf course looks magnificent Already it really does it's not every Day you get to break 75 with the actual Claret jug watching the opening tee Shots hopefully I don't disappoint you Tonight we've got the one Club banners Out this feels very professional open Markers let's go so in the open This is the first hole which is actually

Normal member's 17th hole so you play 17-18 again open one and two and then You swing around to three which is the Hole in front of the clubhouse let's go A bit bitter Breeze into today real Objective genuinely last time I played Here last year was shot 80 in tough Conditions let's try and beat that That'll be my number one objective play Well thanks pal what's your objective And break 85. okay and get five birdies I'm happy with one birdie today Decent strike tiger line It's a slight dog leg to the left this Hole that I've kind of taken it on the Corner of the dog leg hopefully if the Roof not too thick I might be able to go Straight for the green It's a good opening strike that's what We wanted Thank you Could be trappy yeah I think it's over Is it yeah I think it's London on top This is a pulled in left roof luckily This time of year Early in the year it's not too juicy and Thick just now 166 yards back into this First green Slightly into breeze it's probably going To play about 180 if not a tiny bit more 185. Right between clubs either a five or a Six my warrior five that bank in front Of me might get in the way so I'm gonna

Go six and see if I can muscle it up There Oh He's contemplate today Gotta get too excited Well I've had a really nice iron shot Into here I'm about Four foot five foot away for Birdie on The first Played it nicely into the middle of the Green chased up towards the bat flag Expert advice from Neil I reckon we could be a formidable force Today Neil Ben oh Great effort if you hold this putt now You've got to eat Rory and say Royal Enfield is easy Left Center for Birdie on the first Oh he walked in oh I start tweeting Rory I know Why I feel good about that that wasn't an Easy hole it's really into wind like Just under four well I think it was just Over 400 yards actually So to go on the path That's helped second hole Par Four Slight dug leg to the right and just Requires a good t-shirt there's a few Bunkers down there you want to avoid Other provisional Titleist three Foreign

Good news I found my first ball I Thought it was going to get a bit dicey And it could have done could have easily Got in that real thick stuff but we've Got away with it 129 yards front pin Downwind I probably need to land this About 120 which can be very difficult to Stop see normally that distance it's a Gap wedge my 50 degree but with it being So downwind and I go I'm gonna go 56 if We can please I'll go catwatch So I feel like if I go short I'll hit This one soft Yeah kind of wiggled a bit in the wind Thank you thanks okay I suppose run on Quite a lot actually it's come off the Back of the green just Um and you know one of my favorite Things about Lynx golf is often when It's just run off the back you can get The old putter out And that's exactly what I'm going to be Doing Whoa foreign Okay for power on the second down the Hill it's going to kick to the right First and actually straighten out up at The end if not kick a little bit back to The left All right could I get it through the Brake Didn't give it enough back to level Silly little mistake there

Okay third hole again I'll just say last Time this is normally Members First hole And it's a it's a real Well it's a bit of a toughly 413 yards Off these tees And you actually play around the driving Range which is internal out of bounds on The right hand side and it's a very very Sharp dog like almost 90 degree dog leg To the right Niels give me the big stick and I like It I like his play It's really interesting like when you Play with someone like Neil who plays There all the time I would never hit Driver I like his play Oh Ah Zynga All right second shots into this well Third hole I mean I actually level it And that kind of shows the difference Like guy hit was it two iron I ate a two Iron that came like no higher than Rick On the floor and it's just like chasing Them back and having a decent driver and There's not much difference in the shots However into this hole 198 yards 194 Yeah this is honestly I don't drive back Into wind trying to pick it up too much But this is honestly gonna be so tough Today it makes you realize like how hard Links Golf actually is the coast is Literally just there the sea is there The wind's howling in you might not tell

On camera but every shot just gets Harder even when it's wind behind it Makes it more difficult so much more Thought with that being said this shot Is a back foot four iron stinger A little bit heavy go Okay second shot into a par four And again remember I'm only saying this For your own benefit everyone watching Internal out of bounds all the way down The right hand side where the driving Range is not I'm thinking that I'm just Painting the picture are you sure about That uh straight back into wind Literally playing about 220 yards Foreign S Booger okay so give me some perspective This is the outer bounds line right here Running down the right hand side That's the green And the PIN Perfect distance But a grand total of one two three Four yards out of bounds Cruel game I wasn't far off though Either okay one two drop for three four This is for five up and down for double Bogey Absolutely horrendous Thanks mate Ah Not what I meant to do Feels like an important port already for

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Double bogey Welcome to Royal Liverpool triple bogey That really hurts Very good strike that Okay Okay I'm gonna go driver because I'm off Should be good I've only got 108 yards for 10 after That four iron But there's a lot of wind behind so I Feel like it's a three quarter sandwich Just commit to it I could really be Making a power at some point Carrot Oh beautiful Cheers Okay very very long range putter but Allow me to give you my thoughts on why I'm choosing for turn I'm probably a little bit too close to The green here and the pins just hooked On that little ledge And I feel like if I was to get Loft on It I'd have to land on the green I'm not Sure how it's going to react I could try And bump it down and run it but I'm just Going to go towards guy's ball with the Putter and hopefully roll it nice and Close Foreign Give me 10 attempts of the wedge I Wouldn't have got it closer I'm not sure If I'd have hit the green All right come on a couple of birdies

A couple of birds will be delightful The port you little worm it's it Hey look it's a path Oh that was terrible Kind of like it broke up the hill R5 A fifth hole slight dog leg left A good t-shirt required That could not have been straighter I should have started Sorry Okay second insurance is part five after A very raw tee shot and if you saw on That tier van drove past we're gonna Blur the van just we don't want any free Advertisement here I should have reset I Should have I'm annoyed myself really Anyway Par five Long Way left in I'm just going To try and like basically run it down The stairway like a little low drawer Or a high drawer It's okay it's good Thank you thank you Oh really good hit one wind Ah I didn't quite catch it but it Definitely did store Go in oh Magic in front of the camera Okay very long range Port here for Birdie up the hill swinging off the Right Gonna give it a lot of respect Speed is going to be a key

Looks like I've got a good line on it Cold bit What's up Is this video Break 75 or first person To birdia power five gets a cleric joke I gotta hold it first it's off the right Thank you This is a hard one Rick good Um it's actually playing about 152 to That pin which normally would be like a 99 yeah maybe even a really hard wedge I'm in six side you're in six iron I've Got I've got seven seven see what I do First a lot of wind up there so there's Room behind that yeah let's go middle of The green and try and just Not get sucked into that stick Oh it's gonna go in the wind so far left Okay second shines this part three I hit A really bad Iron shot horrendous to Refer Um Uh I don't really know I'm going to get as Close to the flag I'm just gonna go aerial I'm just going To go straight up Ah Okay It's wider the mess Well that was Four terrible golf shops Oh I run this seventh hole currently Four over partner which uh

After my triple on the third of my focus Then and they really need to start Making some some Headway making some Birdies We've got three wood for position Straight down the middle Terrible I don't know golf at the moment it feels Like sometimes it can just be quite hard Yeah I need to get a couple of I don't know which good holes I feel Like that third hole when I made that Triple really took the sting out on me Today I shouldn't have led it granted But I feel like it did I need to get past that and start making Some birdies I had a good chance to hold After I didn't quite take it silly Vogue On that last part three Kind of I said but it's going to be Quite a long way into away I really surprised that picture which Went so far But I thought I'd only just got on the Front edge really Hit the flag But I thought I was gonna go the other Way then last second Yeah great up and down cheers much more In the middle of the hole Eighth hole Par Four straight back into Wind again pretty straight a couple of Bunkers down the right hand side

That can definitely catch your ball out See a good tee shot I'll move away from those bunkers I feel like hits it bad enough to stay Short hopefully Yeah nice I really missed a bowl but it's the same Distance adding that par five right that He's saying crap Sorry if I might hit nine Oh sorry it's seven it looks like it's 31 onto a fair way back Well looks I ate on that par five yeah But it was uphill and I did it bad so I Actually might hit eight yeah I just need to hit it good and it's Flatter this time and it would you say Stay short and right If anywhere Well that was absolutely awful Um Not quite firing on all cylinders at all I need to find my strike I feel like my Strike's really starting to elude me And around the golf course like this If you're not striking it well You will get punished Now and to some sense I've actually got A little tiny bit lucky there because I Hopped this first bunker And it looks like it's run all the way Through over the back of the green onto A little flat bit but Should be doing back from there that was

Such a an easy shot I've done the hard Work with the tee shot Come on Rick get your head back in the Game Currently four over Got a lot of work to go to break 75 Today but It's not impossible But I'm certainly making it hard work Right long range third port off the Green one we put a Thank you I definitely want to chipped any better I know that for a fact okay Papa Yes he's rolling in today that was nicer A little roller that was nice I think it's time For your pasta I didn't be a pastor no Problem one then a Pasty 175 and it's only six on So you've got right Here's new technique pick out any random Club I'm gonna hit it because I feel like It's a sign There you go Get Lucky Yeah it's nice Right inside Rex would do do me good Well I've turned everything over it's Ridiculous Stay there Okay good luck of Birdie here on number

Nine This to finish the front nine And not the same three over which puts Me in okay stead for the back nine means They'll have to shoot on the par But as the Sun starts to Come out on what's been quite a kind of Dreary day Just gonna play on first he's just on The side of this Bank a tough little Shot We played that delightfully Very nice Well judged Wow it's harderick It's another good one the camera Master Move Very good Oh yeah Tenthal par five uh actually I think It's playing Par Four in the open I am Now a million over power I think So unless I shoot a million on the power Bat nine might be a bit of a challenge But hopefully the break 80 might still Be on just uh bird is needed definitely Also start now I'll get one to you get one Oh It's over took a divot with my driver Drilled it A1 Your license drill it he drilled it okay Good all right I'll do but I like to Second Chance is part five I'm gonna

Hybrid just out of this rough right in Between clubs whether it's the hybrid Which is I've got this set as like a Three iron or going with a three wood I feel like three wood might just go a Bit too long so I'm gonna try and rattle Her throughout the hybrid and hopefully Get a bit of a flyer out this roof it's Like I need to get something going a Good shot needed Wind wind carry carry carry carry carry I feel like it's sensational I'm sure it pitched right near the flag It looks like it was all over it I'm sure it pitched right near the flag Okay landed on the green roll down to Here We've got a look at Eagle One that's very much needed It's going to be off the left hand side And once it gets about halfway it slopes Down and we'll probably speed up That's a good line now oh it's just fall In That looked really good and I wasn't Just just went Damn Kind of feels like uh I got a bit scared Of the last from the last green Yeah thank you Needed one back come on follow me and Guy you said you would if I got one I Did Not I'm a liar

God it seems to swing that great I Couldn't see it swinging that much but Last minute it just went off Look at this what are my favorite spots On this golf course The 11th t You get to see overall the Estuary it's Absolutely stunning certainly on a night Like this where the sun's starting to Set Beautiful really nice right nice birdie There it's lifted the spirits need a few More coming home come on Two more birdies and lots of pars Oh too much fade Try to absolutely smash it then That wind is certainly helping us now It's gonna go for a nice full pitching Wedge do the birdie as well now Rick's Chasing birdies but so am I Oh it's just shaping so much It's down there somewhere flash to my Friend Neil Left is my friend Yeah if it lands on that White Tower or Just in between the White Tower and the Flag it's Happy Days Well that was all over it a bit short I Didn't quite catch it I think the wind just might just be a Little bit into as well Stay here It kind of land it did take a job but it Just got stuck because that's quite

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Thick Come in oh Now you're close Little chip front of the green just need To land it just on Let it run down that Hill Around us Horrendous ah so I can make in a hash of It Down the hill Hit it Ah So bad No Oh Paul Okay 12th hole Par Four slight dog leg To the left annoyed my bogey down the Last that puts me back to I think five Over Paris let's go where'd he's move from Now you can see the two yellow flags oh Yeah okay It looks like tiger to me All right Okay so five over par Feels like a weird day today that triple Bow could definitely stung me early days It really did you know because it hadn't Had that hole it's easy to say even if That was a bogey you know it'd be three Over but it's where we are Um however This next stretch of three holes are Quite challenging this one I've just did

A good drive which is a bonus The next par three remember is a long One And the next part fours are like a dog Leg left similar to this one actually I feel like if I get through those three Still five over It then opens up a little bit because There's a very very getable par five Which will be downwind today there's a Fairly easy part four and then you get To the actual little tricky Par 3 17 but It's not long that's the New Path three And then you finish with another par Five which will be downwind These next three holes are absolutely Crucial in this journey if I can get Through those I think the stretch coming in there's Definitely birdies available Whether I get them is different point The more important thing is they're Available right come on 90 yards into This flag it's tucked right into the Right front corner but I'm not going to Get suckered into that pin I'm gonna go Middle of the green and the wind if Anything is going to push it back Towards the flag 100 yard golf shot I need full sand Wedge Wind Wind It's doing it it was doing its best one

It was trying It was trying to come back I'll get the I'll get the divot Thank you Really hard shot from there Okay it's a nice shot into this green Pin High Kept it to the left side so I wouldn't Get suckered into that PIN We need birdies and I just said a minute Ago I want to get through these next Three holes level power but If we can catch a little birdie in the Meantime that would help Up the hill dead straight Come on Rick for the day Oh I pulled it Just a whisker came off the face left Ah par on there Drop yeah swaddle mate great up and down Okay really nice par three this 157 Yards pins only what eight on Neil did You say Uh slightly down and off the left I'm Gonna hit nine iron Make it close please yeah no I need one That's in the hole oh it's moving Just a Touch Oh of this Wow this That hurts me I couldn't be the only Part so that's that was me picking the Wrong Club I had a iron out and I'd Swapped for nine thinking that was Billy

Big balls Right I'm taking putter I know Bash me in the comments but Let's see if I can get up and down again Start breaking I was bizarre wasn't it I feel like it Was going to break more Gold it oh wow this That was annoying After what was the perfect strike with An iron off the T but the wrong Club To a not a bad put from off the green so Dirty dirty 180 degree lip out Let's get a lot of lip outside Statistically correct but I seem to get A lot anyway maybe I just hit them too Hard next I'll half four dog legs left Tiger famously hold it for two on this Hole When he went on to win yeah hit like Four iron into the green and it landed One hop and straightened Not so scared of that that is pathetic Ah so far right though Great shot That's nice I get my t-shirt so fast the right like Stupidly far to the right and the Windows off the left pushing it further To the right thankfully Rick found it For me Um long way into this flag as well I've Made this hole so so so so much longer By coming so far right

So four iron out this is kind of quite Thick rough just almost like a punch of Chippy one and try and get it down the Fairway Well this is a very very tough hole this Bit right again get up It's Mr Green but I have chipped and Ported quite well today Let's take a power 142 yards back into wind I've had this Shot three times oh this is the third Time I've had it The first two times I didn't Particularly play it very well The third time I'm going to ratify that This is going to go close Stay there stay stay stay oh it's not Going to go Oh Yeah I really thought it was going to be in That little Valley Didn't strike it as good as like a Single one of those shots today good Two tough shots here guys down in that Little Valley I haven't not only just gone through This by right corner of the green well You look at this this bit of the green Perfect why haven't I hit it here Anyway Guys gonna play a little looks like a Little bumper run up the bank Oh that's lovely

Up and down King Okay I'm gonna go A little a tie and bump and run it's Almost like a putter Let's get it running up that bank So I started to hear that without hyping This up too much this might be the Biggest put of the round all right watch It go in It went in I watched it went in thank You I'm gonna try out a new technique You don't need anything you don't need Any advice on those shut you've got up And down from everywhere So six over Par five downwind coming up next And then a relatively straightforward Part four the little dinky part three in The par five to finish so hopefully I Can try and make some birdies Foreign Should be out of play because they're All kind of shorter hopefully Um it's an aggressive Smash down the Right side of the Fairway that's music To my ears because I'm a really Aggressive kind of guy no no lost my Aggression I love that bunker Yeah In the world upon Rick Oh my Word It's got grass in it's got accuracy it's Like Tyson Fury

I love it second shot into this par five And because it is downwind the match Only got 176 182 yards to the flag But I probably want to land it just on The front edge so that's about 176. And it's downwind so I'm gonna hit eight Iron Stay right hand side of the flag Stop turning Bunker shot I didn't I didn't strike it Well enough Sorry are you serious right now bro Why look at this I do it sounds bad I do always feel like It happens to me Like it's about short And then as it's hopped in the bunker It's plugged I mean seriously Seriously I don't know if I'm gonna be able to Even get a stance to it The thing is I actually don't think I Can get over that lip If I even just go Ah God's sake Oh I just don't have to play it I feel Like I might need to take a penalty drop Because I feel like So awkwardly placed it's plugged and It's awkward in that bank I feel like I need to go for the green

Because there's no other way out That might just about work All right wish me luck That is mink That is absolutely granny the thing is I Need speed I honestly don't think you'll get out The bunker but I'll try Oh my God I actually don't even know how I did That Seriously I don't know what to say I thought well done that was insane dead I didn't think I didn't I don't know That that's yeah I don't know what to Say to that I don't know The fact that everybody went in I might Literally speak incredible Ah well there you go oh you're not Entertained I actually don't know how I played that Shot I really don't Imagine if you took the penalty drop I Know I was considering actually just Felt too impossible it felt too like you Know it would hit the bank and stuff Right for birdie This would feel very very very nice Yes well done I honestly It was like the impossible bird if I'm Honest with you that was incredible and The best thing it'll make for a great Shot The two on the left can I carry them or

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Not Sorry yeah 246. okay All right so 16th hole Par Four slightly Back into Breeze every tiny dug like Left couple of bunkers down the left Couple of bunks down the right I think I can carry the ones on the left But I'm gonna go down the middle of Fairway Oh That was crazy up and down Let's build on that Simmer ah same Cinema Yeah Australia look good okay second shot Into the 16th Just come up on the right side of the Roof here pins at the front 161 but it's just back into that little Breeze now And it definitely has become more of a Breeze and the wind but it'll still Affect the flight I just want to hit I just want to land It a couple of yards short and left I'm Gonna hit a little three-quarter six Iron I want to be controlled in this shot Come on strong finish three to go It's left ah Yeah ah that was a bad shot Didn't commit to that at all Second bunker of the round

After just finding the first on the Previous hole let's see if I can do Something similar this is much more Straightforward Splash it out let it run on the Green It's been hard All right come on Rick I feel like I Really need to get this I've got it back To five over That right This came off right off the face Straight away Oh that was poor really bad five there Wow this is nice 17th hole it's a new hole only Built a Few years ago And with this Sunset now dropping down It just quite simply looks like it's the Flag on the end of the world it just Looks like it's just perched up there Hopefully inviting but it doesn't look Like it's on by many and you've got to Get it up on the green or at least past The flag Wow that looks that looks Mega how nice Does that look Now as much as this hold is beautiful The next T the 18t we've got a little Competition coming which I think you're Going to want to enter so stay tuned but I'll tell you what We'll only run the competition if we Both make power or better okay if it Doesn't no competition sorry everyone

I'm about to shank it So I've got a pitch in Magic it feels Like it's too much Club but equally it Could be nowhere near enough Club this Is a weird hole you only get sucked into That it's such a scary that was the Thing for the open this year this this Could really really Um create chaos from our list are you Going picture Mudge as well I've got Gat Wedge I'm gonna see what you do okay Oh that should be good for distance is It here at all stay off Yeah it's very good I've never had as much Nails on 100 Yards shot in my life I'm going to go Gut wedge Fair enough I love the strike big enough Oh Brilliant I thought that was so good as well Cap short Dead Right well that was a mistake I've hit London at Shore it spun up into This bunk I know it was here I probably just I don't know I didn't Fully fully fully hit that gap wedge Stupidly Now I have seen golfers from this bunker Take 17s Let's see what happens eh Stop to get past the flag there's no Point in trying to be cute with it ah

I'm annoyed I'm annoyed Golf eh Too low always too low And soft You want a prize you won't be willing This one in off the right hand side down The hill I should believe that was short That's frustrating Ah bogey silly bogey Sorry Neil let you down there pal all Right guys sorry to stop the video Quickly but I think you're going to want To listen to this I've got a huge Giveaway in collaboration with the open And the one Club you can win a pair of Official Patron Hospitality tickets for The open 2023 at Royal Liverpool Courtesy of MasterCard the lucky winner Will also receive a round of golf at the Iconic Royal Liverpool for you and a Friend and it doesn't end there a 150th Open Championship signed Flag by the Winner cam Smith And lastly you might need these when Playing royal Liverpool a free box of Limited edition 150th open Titleist Pro V1 golf balls to Enter head over to win with Rick page at The and enter this amazing Competition through the one Club for Free the link is in the description and The top pinned comment good luck Everyone

Last hole 18 part five as it started to Get really chilly and dark Um I need to make party shoot under 80. You're on track for you six over now I Think I'm six over yeah yeah so I'm Seven over so one in it Um slight dug leg well it's kind of out Of bounds all the way down the round Side you've got to hit a great tee shot Once you get a good t-shirt away The second shot isn't that much easier But it's all about a good t-shirt guys Only three with three woods and I'm even So far left that it's just day left It to Perfection great ball I actually Like to play in the open this year so Keep an eye out for me I'm gonna go driver See the bell in the middle of the fair Where it's out of bounds I'm gonna go for it Yeah it's nice safe as anything that Should be fine opened it up a bit I Reckon yeah thank you sir by the way This guy has honestly stopped me from Shooting 90 today so all credit it's Been very very good thank you Neil Pleasure it's been amazing having you on The bags massively helped believe it or Not it obviously really has I feel like I can get a hybrid there no you don't Think I can I think I could get hybrid I Think three would have come out too hot

Well the hybrid's possibly the shot Isn't it because we've got 247 we've got 220 we've got nearly 230 out of it Slightly down Breeze Let's try and hit a Hybrid It's two four seven to the flag but I Feel like off this lie it's kind of set Up nicely ever so slightly down Breeze Feel like if I can rock it this hybrid And hit kind of a big draw It's a risky shocks We can't understand this for the context Of the videos all out of battles on the Right but not kind of thinking I'm gonna Almost draw it off that And try and get it to hook on the green Come on last big shot What's our bounds Laughs Are there provisional Oh that's even worse Now that's a second provisional That's out of balance too I'm done with That That's actually it the first one yeah Literally plugged right in the roof Got very very lucky It doesn't happen to me very often so I'm going to take it That Is my first ball Titleist three It's a Grand total of one yard inbounds And if you come down here The other two that was my

First provisional that was my second Provisional both of those two are one Two out of two yards out of bounds The once A little bit of looks gone my way Thankfully The terrible girl shots I shouldn't be Anywhere near here but At least it was consistent I suppose to Take that as a positive Thanks okay third shot into this part Five quite a lot of green to work with a Little chip over the bunker Come on I feel like my spirits are high Now after that That could be really good Some days sometimes you just gotta take The rough with the smooth and I've had Some rough today I have but I've asked a Few few little sprinkles of smooth Got up for birdie Which I really didn't expect 250 yards out Hit my second provisional ball I'm not gonna do with it a nice finish On the par Right in the heart Right in the heart up and down from Everywhere I know Okay for birdie Started with one can I finish with one Send it home Yes well done thank you thank you thank You enjoyed that thanks pal welcome that

Was a bit of a random O'Neil thank you Yeah Superstar you've been amazing today Thank you thank you so much so much I Really enjoyed that right guys that was The open special break 75 at the Beautiful Royal Liverpool Hoy Lake A game of uh Down certainly from guy he got up and Down from everywhere Um In the end that was a Well thought six over par considering That I threw in a triple Bogue on the Third hole but a good round all in all Guy uh you had six overs rather just I Shot exactly the same in a very Different way I think honestly now those Scores in the first T would have taken Obviously the weather got better but not Horrendous so 278 didn't break 75 broke 80 though but we broke eight and if you Know if any of those guys in July can Break 80 I think they're on patterns in The open some won't break 18 and we did Make sure you treat it right guys thanks For watching stay tuned lots more to Come thanks to the open thanks to MasterCard and the one Club make sure You sign up and thank you to the Wonderful roll Liverpool Peace