Can Rick Shiels Break 75 at Bay Hill?

Can Rick Shiels Break 75 at Bay Hill?


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Thank you Now we can go make some birdies Go in go away That roof is just so brutal All right guys welcome to another Episode of break 75. today I'm somewhere Special Bay Hill Arnold Palmer's golf Course Mr Palmer himself here with a Huge statue Now this place is pretty special in Florida the home of the Arnold Palmer Invitational which actually might Coincide the release of this video Well today I'm going to challenge myself Around these 18 holes very tough Challenging Golf Course the greens are Firm the roof is long and juicy can I Break 75 Round Here let's find out I'm Playing with two members today Rowan Scott and also I've got a caddy so Without further Ado we're about to tee Off let's go and rip it up and see if I Can break 75 here at the wonderful Bay Hill okay first hole beautiful Par Four Sweeping round to the left-hand side Two bunkers down there I'm gonna try and Just stay just left of them Now I've got to be honest for you Hopefully these demons go I've just hit Driver on the Range absolutely terribly So With that being said Let's forget that and let's rip one The whole the old heartbeat is really

Going today Ryan Scott are actually Going to play from a couple T's up What a place we've had a little tour Around the locker room which is amazing Um Roy Saunders has actually Mr Palmer's Son-in-law Which is pretty cool that is really cool He was just showing us in the locker Before we've got Mr Palmer's Locker the Defending champion of the Arnold Palmer Invitationals locker and then you've got Mr Roy Saunders Locker We've also just before playing I think it's tradition let's have a nice Arnold Palmer iced tea Bloody hell is a hot one today Karen the triangle six out and I've just Got this tree overhanging I'm going to Try and power driller 16 up there Already we're seeing a glimpse of the Severity of the roof around here I think we're going to find a beach Oh no not quite Wow that's thick It's sticky It's we've also got Kyron on the back Today thank you my friend pleasure to be Here uh Mission today is to try and get Around this golf course On the 75 is the goal be a tough test I Think we can do it we're playing off the Bat bat teas which is about 7 400 yards So distance Is very much needed around this golf

Course but then Flipped around the greens oh That's what I do sometimes Ah Damn That shot sometimes it's good sometimes It's bad Yep well judged let's go in the hole Nice Closer thank you good recovery there Should have maybe tried that first time Now what it is around these this grass On that short shots in it's really the Bermuda it's a tough combination because That rye is very sticky and the Bermuda Just grabs you if you get a little steep On it yeah great shot so as you can tell A lot of the members are very good yeah Chipping here so you have to clip that Perfect Okay so four or five after that Chunk shot in front of the green I feel like this one needs to go in just Down the hill slightly right to left Greens look absolutely incredible Thought I'd salvaged one Ah It was I think it's going to be a long day it's A six on the first double Vogue Never mind let's see if I can uh get Something going What is it with me making double bugs on First holes ridiculous second hole here

At Bay Hill par three ever slightly down The hill it's a long one 230 yards to The flag 215 yards to cover the bunker And with rock hard greens I feel like I Need to send this four iron up to space I've been running from Say that One more step really I thought that was absolutely all over It Was that not far off it was good while I Was in the air I thought it was perfect Oh thank you Wow so all field shot here yeah Just going hard right to left Was saying if a tournament week that Would jump onto the green but it's Actually bounced back on itself A little chip from the front edge of the Green Feeding Well played Thank you That was nice How's this confidence booster I needed It really really swung honestly the Undulations on these greens are vast I'll clear that one away thank you Roy Yeah I think a three on theirs anytime's A good score Okay third hole Par Four Big sweeping hole around this Lake and It's absolute stunner You can hit driver here don't need it

300 of that bunker straight away okay But it's not as long as number one so I know you said you weren't feeling too Comfortable with driving I'm more Comfortable with driver though yeah just Right side of the bunkers where you're Aiming It's only one place you cannot go And that's left Oh Will you find me well it wasn't going Left The issue is there's water left which You can't go in obviously you lose your Ball even that then like the fairway's So slim I've hit it right and I'm in the Rough like thick thick gnarly sticky Rough which obviously makes it hard Again if I'm not 100 switched on I could end up shooting 100 round there Which is not the plan Okay so Oh You don't see it until you literally Walk into it It's a little wet too so it can be quite Thick 75 flag 160 to cover that front bunker Okay I'm gonna go I'm gonna go seven iron I'm gonna try and hit this as hard as I Can at the bunker on the right If you slightly get snagged up in draws Then it could have a chance to go around

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The green That's that's the show I'm gonna go for Eign So thick get your favorite shot again I Know thanks Oh so juicy and thick like every you Feel you're gonna eat it as hard as you Possibly can I need I need to hit it longer just Gives you a chance to add some Revenge Oh yeah let's hope so If it's just in the rough it's not too Bad He says Disappear Thank you Had a look it had a look Yeah it's either left Edge and kind of Just soft Pace or inside real firm so I'm gonna go left Edge soft Okay it's in the hole Thanks That was soft soft I mean that's just The grain really taken over there as it Slows down just pulls it away Well That's back up and downs I don't want to say that I should be a Tour player but Yourself It's a fourth hole par five It's all uphill And it kind of goes left remember we've Done it a little bit it's like left

Okay so I'm gonna try and just stay Inside of those bunkers on the left hand Side Winds hurting off the left so let it Ride on the Wind Oh that might be wet is it A little stream down the right hand side There which I think I've just leaked it Into Oh here it is yeah yeah it's wet just Damn Okay Start to take a drop I'll be hitting my Third on this very very long par five Wow it just sinks Maybe a six seven yeah like that right At that left bunker there all right so We're just gonna light up third shot I Have to just drill it down that left Side All right That came out better Yeah it was a pretty good strike there Flag is 25 and 110 front edge Is awful fourth shot in says par five up And down Needed but from here it might be Ambitious but let's do our best Let's get to the front It's very nice yeah thanks good as you Can do it I was gonna say we're putting You've got to hit it so hard there's no Delicate ones those might be sore Tomorrow no there's no like delicate

Shots from there you just gotta hold it Tight and hit as hard as you can right I'm for four long range put for five I really did think I was going to be Quick okay damage limitation for a six Big swinging right to left port That's never up Oh that's a silly hole Taking a seven there ah Poor t-shirt And then silly three put there Four over through Four Ah two doubles two pass Birdies Needed Fifth fellow part four slight dug leg Left scattered rebunkers Kyron's asked me to hit well requested Me advised me to hit Thor Iron into Position a leaves myself a full shot in Come on Rick Don't feel like I've hit it terrible but I scored badly so far let's try and make Uh try and make amends that Yep well done Thank you Now we can go make some birdies no it's Now it's 30 time Go Go in go in I I thought that I've got it Looks like it's resting against the flag From here I thought that I thought I'd

Got one Wow Let's go good clubbing Now we start now we turn it off welcome To the video Everybody you're in three There's your birdie sauce First of dirty sauce at Bay Hill All right that was nice settled the ship After a couple double Bogies nice to get Our Birdie on the score card Infamous Next hole power five six one round the Lake I don't think I'll be taking on the line That Bryson was going off Right six hole this is it the par five This is the one with the famous Bryson The Shambo with his arms up in the air Screaming at it but he was trying to hit It almost on the green it's not where I'm going that's not where I'm going I'm Gonna play it the conventional way Hopefully I mean when you look at that You don't even think it's possible Getting close I mean hitting near that Bunker didn't it over the bunker 350 Carry I think 375 total wow both Saturday Sunday right so I'm going to Hit it over the red post with the four Trees yep Oh I've duck hooked it That's not there Oh Reload Just caught the toe of it it just Dropped out the sky I knew straight away All right third shot

Oh it's too safe this time It's fine but it's way too safe don't go In the bunker Stupid really Damn I felt good over that as well I'm absolutely gutted I really am gutted I was so looking forward to that t-shirt I didn't deliver It's not like just hitting it towards That green side bunker there 170 to Carry about 240 to reach that bunker A little bit right Yeah a little bit right a little bit Chunky Up and down needed for damage limitation Pins 110 I'm going to go just slightly Right at the flag Be good Dancing on it again good swing thanks Got that for a six Wish I hadn't had dunked it in the water Now it's easy to say That would have been a nice little Birdie opportunity Nice good save thank you birdie with the Second ball I suppose Didn't get it off the first what first Ball yeah It didn't even happen Okay seventh hole par three 190 yards As you can see there's bunkers in each Four Corners Big high towering six iron and make it

Land soft is the plant Cover the bunker Cover the bunker Okay We're on we're putting it's already Packed Low all the way That is a bad foot All right very nice thank you good All right come on let's finish with one More birdie from nine that'd really help The score card eight hole Par Four Beautiful hole it dug legs to the right And it's the hole where there's Water in front of the green for the Approach the bunker down there is 300 Yards I'm gonna just try and fade it off That bunker come on drive for work for Me Blocks out oh it depends on the kick we Get I've over faded it Ah So I don't know if you remember what's Up there so Give you a little visual So just got a little bit of Fairway okay Basically if we can hit it all the way Up there and get it in that bunker That's a great shot or If you don't think we can do that There's always out to the left there Give yourself that wedge that you've Been hitting good

I'm thinking even if we just get it back Towards where where their card is there Or their bag And just get it back in the Fairway I really want to go for it and see what Five iron looks like how far actually is It uh we're sitting about 175 here yeah That's not gonna be it I can't go for it Yeah if I could if I could get enough on I would have gone for it but I'll just uh To put a nine over there okay I have to Place a bad tea shop Out of position I'm just gonna go and stick it next to That back on The Fairway All the way up there thanks They go back on The Fairway Did not get down the hill Oh Okay third shot 127 yards but back into a breeze I'm Gonna chip a little 99 in there get it Just past the flag stop it quick See if I can make another up and down But I've skinned it Straight down the hill just going to Fall a little to your left only only About a cup or two Settle Just too too much needed to plant much Softer Making hard work of this hole this is For a five now

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Thank you Nice little powerful slight dug leg left Come on finish with a power on the front Line I'm gonna go just side just right side Of that bunker Oh no no no no no no no no no What is the driver doing It's running down that Coquina shells Cadillac seem to get driver today Second shot tonight hole here after Pulling off the T drivers just not Playing ball today for some reason I'm Gonna try and play a huge huge snap hook For iron and see if I can get it on the Front edge pins about 215 yards away Foreign Keep going Okay yeah right rough God that roof is just so brutal you're Trying to get enough spin to hook it out Of there even with the fact it was uh Sat up it was still brutal The 60 flag 50 to cover any tips on shot Out of this rough Just get through it accelerate through It Oh Yep Gotta look at it Okay so this is where we've managed to Get to I thought really juicy thick Light up that roof I've managed to get To here I've got this put for par

Oh it's been an interesting front now And it really has Been Some good shots very good shots and some Uh questionably bad shots Potter's been really hot or freezing Cold let's hope it stays really hot in The back nine That is a big push Came straight right off the face I'm Afraid Oh That was an interesting front nine Six over Some good some bad Let's go Okay just been to the halfway house and Obviously I'm gonna get an Arnold Palmer Iced tea That is so good right and also Talk about sausage roll with you Sausage roll USA Edition Hot dog hopefully this doesn't go Everywhere Perfect 10 out of 10 right 10th hole Par Four Let's Make It Rain six over work to do But also damage limitation so 270 to Cover that right bunker downwind if You're feeling dangerous or we could Just hit like uh 240 shot 250 shot right At that white bottle Kind of red edge of the left bunker I

Normally hit driver every day I say send The driver right at that the big big White house there right through the line Yeah okay Yeah you're gonna like that one It's all right copy our next I was Bloody nervous over that the guys are Literally telling me to go over the Corner of these houses on the right and The way I've been hitting driver wasn't Feeling me with confidence but we're Down there what a day really enjoying it I wish I hadn't had those silly double Bogeys but let's golfing it that is golf Well the hot dog has been destroyed Fueled up for the back nine charge that Was good 30 on the DOT 130 I'm Carol helping wind I like just playing that number It's tiny bit in between for me so short Is a little better on this one just Because this Green's so steep from Back To Front So I'm gonna hit a gut wedge 125 yards let the wind carry it a little Bit Oh thinned it Sick Should be on the back side just end it I Think catch it that's annoying third Shot here on the 10th This is a crazy little pot Anything past the hole is gone

Speed is going to be absolutely crucial Here Keep going get over Oh not bad at all I just another I mean that same distance past the hole Keeps going So it's honestly good to leave that one Short Okay hold 11 Par Four good looking hole Bunkers on the right water on the left I'm not thinking that Fairway only Thank you oh I'm not doing driver wow Bunker Ah Not getting driver going one bit today Found the bunker here off the tee Into what's the hardest hole here at the Golf course at Bay Hill 170 yards away from the flag bunker Right water left Uh kyron's recommending me to rip a six Iron at it so that's all I'm gonna do Long's better than short yep Foreign Stay dry Damn It's really looking forward to that shot As well Um okay My first question Chiron is there any Alligators in this Lake you are safe Nothing's Gonna reach out and grab you Okay That puts me at ease

I wasn't far well I wasn't far off the Streets and socks are coming off Go Yeah it didn't quite get there Okay fourth shot here on 11. big Swinging rights left foot up the hill Got to give it a chance keep it up High Let It Drop in Oh no that's it not even close to Hitting it Oh All right Made it hard work It's like making a par on this hole I Feel like yeah I feel like it could have gone really Really bad for me there I could have put In the water out the bunker I didn't I could have hit a bad picture I didn't Hit it too bad terrible first part Salvaged it with a second right Seven over I think the new Target which Has been a reoccurring theme recently Let's make sure that this scorecard Starts with the number seven at the Front of it power 72. Yep okay so no more shots being dropped All right par five here Kind of just a slight dog leg right that Green is right in front of that gray Roof in the background okay and here I Like just aiming towards that left Hooker there Let me just rip it

Oh my Oh my driver what are you doing Now let's hit the path and it's gone Michael's it's all right So we could play this short of that left Bunker that's really your only trouble There is one on the right side but we're Not hitting it over there okay so 190 or Less okay and then what what right Around that hundred okay so what about 190. into wind yeah that's it yep yep Nine's just fine for five yeah Slim up Okay caught the bunker for the second Shot I flushed it too good Chiron 110 all the way back to it Okay That pins I want to be short of this flag Sure is better yep And then land it right yes yep you got It Okay little three-quarter gap wedge Oh I moved it forward Ah 68. Awkward yardage shot Okay full shot Take two from the bunker That's over the green and far away Is that Dad No it should just be in the Rough there there's a lot of rough

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That'll stop that Guy fifth shot now on this power five Horrendous Ah Really really tough shot this No green to work with the golf ball Practically looks buried I've got overhanging trees This is a pure hit and Hope Impossible Ah Oh man Ran right up to the house and didn't go In That's a big number 2 30 gets you or keeps you short of the Bunkers I'll hit Florida Okay Big number there not what I needed Bird is needed Oh Come Back Not Mr Fairway with a Thor Iron Oh Yep this is tournament rough right here This is what it's going to be like all Over oh my God media took the Fairway I Don't know Would have helped 180 flag What is that 180 flag 150 to cover that Front the red uh Red Stake there yep no More than 100 here ah wow When it rains it pours can't believe I

Missed a fairway with a four iron I'm in This real real thick stuff so Lush and Juicy The even on a only a 170 yard shot I Have to lay up because we're going to go Over water Oh even that snagged It's down the Fairway Even that little shot I just look how Look how deep it is Bay Hill is hard really bloody hard 114. Touch of help Don't want to go along yeah I just got To be on the left side of the flag on This one Okay 114 yards That's it thank you I'm watching it Yeah thank you very much 14 Par 3 160. Eight times straight at it Oh stop drawing ball Yeah Ah All this stuff only everything's rough When you're playing bad I know right Just seems to pile on Keep rolling Keep rolling Keep rolling Well done thank you Down the hill a little left to right That was fast

Ah okay 15th hole and actually this is The back back tees this is the same T They play from the tournament on this Hole even though the actual tees for the Days over the road This piece has been today 225 front edge Okay right I found it after pulling it Way off the tee and playing off the bat Back tees I'm 240 to the flag I might as well sit three wood now Like a big high cut like it Oh it's down there Man Yeah Really not getting a lot of look Balls really sat down it's that rough Putting a big number out here now today Oh it's so wet down there Really good shot from that lie That wire was tough okay Three holes left to play I think I need to shoot level power to Break 90. Oh my goodness right half five par three Par Four Let's do it I think I've just gotta rip One down there 300 the bunker on the Left I think Chiron was saying Come on driver worked for me It's not working at all for me Might have got away with that but Never mind eh Never mind

Let me play a sad song for you on the World's smallest violin Bail in the summer You know got sprayer all the time You know it's not a problem that I play Badly because All right it just doesn't matter does it Doesn't matter that I'm playing with Mr Palmer's Son-in-law does it does it not Is it right I play Bad and shoot like 150. Hopefully you guys are enjoying it and If you are be sure to hit that like Button and subscribe to the channel Looking forward to it there after this Come on three to go well I hit that Awful surprise surprise so I still get a Chance to go for it how far 220 flag 210 To cover that front bunker a ton of room Behind this hole three wood that's what I'm leaning towards yeah okay Insurance is part five 's have been interesting today I think I'm a collectively maybe five or Six over on the par fives alone So let's see if I can finish with A bird or an eagle Three Wood hit it high get it to one Soft Oh my God you're the worst golfer on the Planet This is going to take a while to get Over this is giving me Belfry Vibes the

Way I was feeling after the belfry 70 yards over this tree Oh Rick Hey Uh Oh right I've not had it today pal I've been Bay hilled Keep going Keep going Keep going uh Pretty good Great read Spicy Oh Okay 17th hole par three beautiful hole I'd love to tell you what I'm going to Do here but I don't actually know I'm Just gonna dunk it Oh it's Gotta Go It's got to go I genuinely don't think I've hit the Middle of a club once today Yep Gate final hole beautiful hole powerful Sweeping round to the right iconic Finish here at Bay Hill left side of the Farewell Fairways key I'm gonna go for The green There it is Yeah just Fairway Hopefully thank you very much Took a while It's like 18 holes And Jupiter told that even wasn't in the

Middle of the face it's been a pleasure Today it really has golf's not been There granted but sometimes It's more about the golf it's about the Journey I'm hurting inside everybody watching my Heart is hurting now about how bad I Played But that's golf Some days for me it's bad some days it's Really bad let's finish for the birthday Okay finishing whole iconic 18th here at Bay Hill You've seen the scenes from Tiger hole In a Monster birdie port with the fist going Up and everything to win here Now I've done the hard work I've hit a Great tee shot down the left side of the Fairway I'm just gonna go for it I'm just gonna go for it nothing to lose Glitch quite like quite literally Nothing to lose let's go and break the Get down get down get down be on that Line All right I think it's stopped short of It boosted it Power boosted it The adrenaline was pumping That's a good swing there Come on check one in for Birdie on the Last

Ah Not the shot Ah Bay Hill as well and truly done me in So that's that Bay Hill break 75 definitely not Completed Wow real test I mean it makes you Appreciate I mean this this tournament Has a record for not super low scores And I can see why Was the score Fun had a great time I really did the Game wasn't there today but that's okay Thanks for watching guys make sure you Like And subscribe And I thank you to Bay Hill you were Beautiful And uh I'll be back Redemption needed at this Place Let's go and grab a beer see you soon