Can I Break 75 at this Tough Tour Venue?

Are you ready to take on the challenge of breaking 75 at an extremely challenging tour venue? For many golfers, achieving this goal is the ultimate accomplishment and the pinnacle of their golfing career. In this blog post, we’ll explore the factors that make this venue so difficult and provide tips to help you improve your game and break that elusive 75 score. Let’s dive in!


Golf is a game that requires precision, skill, and patience. Every golfer dreams of playing at iconic golf courses and competing at the highest level. Rick Shiels, a renowned golf instructor and content creator, recently took on the challenge of playing at “The Grove,” an exclusive tour venue that demands the best from every golfer. In this article, we will delve into Rick’s quest of breaking 75 at this challenging golf course, his journey, and the lessons we can learn from it.

Understanding “The Grove”

Located just outside London, “The Grove” is an exclusive golf course designed by Kyle Phillips. The course has hosted world-class events such as the Dell World Match Play and has been praised for its unique mix of rugged and rolling terrain featuring beautiful views of the Hertfordshire countryside. With fast greens, tricky bunkers, and water hazards, it is a course that can test even the most experienced of golfers.

Rick Shiels Takes on the Challenge

Rick Shiels, a respected authority in the golf industry, decided to put his skills to the test with the aim of breaking 75 at “The Grove.” Known for his honest golf equipment reviews, fun and entertaining content, Rick’s YouTube channel has helped scores of golfers improve their game. But could he live up to his reputation on this tour venue?

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The video shows Rick playing a series of holes, showcasing his technique, shot selection, and decision-making process. He begins by providing an overview of the course and its challenges, sharing his thoughts on each hole’s unique features and identifying how he plans to approach each one.

Rick’s expertise in coaching and instruction shines through in the video as he discusses the importance of playing to your strengths, club selection, and course management. He shares his thoughts on driving, ball position, and mental preparation, shedding light on the intricacies and nuances of golf that separate the good from the great.

Lessons Learned from Rick’s Play

Watching Rick tackle “The Grove” can provide insight and inspiration for any golfer looking to improve his or her game. Here are some key takeaways from his approach:

  • Preparation is key: Before venturing out on the course, take the time to study the layout and its features; identify potential pitfalls and opportunities to gain an advantage.

  • Know your strengths: Each golfer has unique skills and abilities; play to your strengths while minimizing weaknesses.

  • Always be thinking: Golf is a game of strategy; think ahead and anticipate your next shots to avoid trouble.

  • Practice with purpose: Rehearse shots that you’ll be using on the course; put in the effort to improve your technique and consistency.

  • Mental toughness is crucial: Golf can be a frustrating game; stay patient and focused, avoid getting too high or too low, and remain committed to your game plan.


Playing at elite courses like “The Grove” can be intimidating, but it provides an excellent opportunity for growth and development as a golfer. Rick Shiels’ journey of trying to break 75 at “The Grove” demonstrates the importance of careful preparation, strategic planning, and mental toughness. By taking the lessons learned from Rick’s experience, golfers of all levels can work towards improving their game and achieving their goals.

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  1. Who is Rick Shiels?
  • Rick Shiels is a well-known golf instructor and content creator who runs a YouTube channel designed to help people improve their game.
  1. What is “The Grove” golf course?
  • “The Grove” is an exclusive tour venue located outside London. Designed by Kyle Phillips, the course has hosted world-class events such as the Dell World Match Play.
  1. What are some of the challenges of playing at “The Grove”?
  • “The Grove” is known for its fast greens, tricky bunkers, and water hazards, which can test even the most experienced golfers.
  1. What can golfers learn from watching Rick Shiels play at “The Grove”?
  • Rick’s approach to playing at “The Grove” highlights the importance of careful preparation, strategic planning, and mental toughness. Golfers of all levels can learn from his experience to improve their own game.
  1. How can golfers prepare for playing at elite courses like “The Grove”?
  • Golfers can study the layout and features of the course, identify potential pitfalls and opportunities, practice shots that will be used on the course, and focus on mental toughness to prepare for playing at elite courses.