Can I Break 75 at a TOUGH Links course!? S2E13

How to Hit Long Irons With Confidence and Precision

Most golfers find it more difficult to strike the ball well with their 3 or 4 iron than their 9 iron. These hints and tips will show you how to hit long irons with confidence and precision.

Golf Swing Tips – How To Improve Your Driving Off

Golf is easy! All you have to do is make sure the ball goes from in front of you to a small cup hundreds of yards away.

Lower Your Score By Using These 5 Putting Tips

On the green is where you can shine by taking one less putt each hole. Improve your skills at home and put them on show during your next game. A missed putt is frustrating. Here is where you learn to stop losing holes.

Women’s Golf Clubs – What Is It?

Women’s golf clubs can mean either of two things. It can refer to golf clubs made specifically for women, typically with a lighter weight and a bigger clubface, depending on the playing style of the female golfer. It can also be figure of speech, where women can use men’s golf clubs, but in a different way. It all depends on the level of play of the female golfer. So let’s take a step back and go from the very beginning.

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