Can I beat Lee Westwood if I start 10 under par? (Stroke play)

How to Add Backspin to Your Golf Shot

Being able to spin the golf ball with approach shots offers options for tricky greens that are a big advantage. Knowing how to add backspin to your golf shot is one that many amateur golfers would love to have as part of their arsenal, but never seem to be able to master.

One Plane Golf Swing Guide

Are you still having difficulty mastering a one plane golf swing? This article is going to focus on one plane golf swing. You will immediately understand how the one plane golf swing can improve your game and how you can make that transformation in minutes.

How to Practice Golf for Lower Scores

If you think that hitting bucket after bucket of golf balls is going to improve your game, think again. That’s not how it goes. Sure, you might think that conducting your practice sessions this way will help you make better swings, and in fact it does when you’re just starting the game, but this does not necessarily translate to lower scores on your actual play.

Why You Should Arrive an Hour Before Tee-Time

Punctuality has always been respected in golf. In competitions, arriving at the tee-box on time is strictly observed. Even in recreational games between friends, it is part of golf etiquette to not keep your buddies waiting at the tee.

What to Do With Golf Tips and Advice

These days, magazines and online sites are full of golf tips and advice for the novice golfer, the seasoned player and everyone else in between. From your grip to your stance to your swing to your mental game, golf sites, magazines and DVDs are replete with instruction and videos to help you improve your game. Step-by-step advice are given and even golf sites that sell equipment and apparel have articles dedicated to helping the golfer improve not only his game but his fashion sense as well.

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Learning Golf Out of the Course

A good golfer is one who does not get tired of searching for information on how to improve his game. Golf tips are easy to find online but sifting through all the information you see to determine which are hype and which ones are not, can be a challenge. This is especially true if you are a novice in the game. However, if you are persistent enough you will know that tons of great information are just around the waiting for you to get them. These are some of the places where you can get good information about how you can improve your golfing.

Tips to Improve Your Golf Game

If you’ve been looking for golf tips to improve your mental and physical game in golf, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you could benefit from these tips…

Golf Practice A Pain? Simple Habits For Relief

Practical advice about correct golf practice. Specific techniques such as emphasizing usage of the shorter irons to develop timing. The golfer is encouraged to develop a specific pre-shot routine as part of his preparation.

The Best Golfers Are Doing Pilates! Here Is Why

Over tight upper body muscles. Decreased overall flexibility in the torso. Sprained shoulders as well as a sore back. Regrettably, that’s the profile of countless amateur and weekend golf players. Golf players constantly bend and twist, twist and bend-all the time stressing their backs and shoulder muscles, developing muscle instability and asking for injuries. Imagine if we’re able to transform just how our clients really feel on the golf course? Let’s say we’re able to enable them to make use of the force of trunk rotation rather than the brute strength of painful muscle groups to drive the golf ball?

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Are Online Golf Lessons Really Effective?

Learning the proper techniques to play golf can often be very costly and time-consuming when you take private one-on-one golf lessons. Discover a breakthrough online golf instruction system complete with a comprehensive video series that guarantees to shave 7 to 12 strokes off your game within 2 weeks. If you are a beginner, than this could be just what you are looking for in highly effective and inexpensive lessons.

Taking Lessons In Golf Is A Good Investment

I started playing golf when I was twelve years old. Growing up we lived out in the country and my dad would go out to the front yard and hit a bucket of balls into the field. I would stand there watch in amazement.

So Many Tips For Golf Swings

If you are constantly looking for a way to improve your game then you know there are thousands of tips out there for your golf swing. We’re talking tips for your backswing, downswing, follow-through, stance, swing plane, alignment, shoulder turn, hip turn and on and on I could go.

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