Clubhead Cup Face and How It Affects Performance

All driver heads as well as some fairway wood and hybrid heads are manufactured from a number of separate pieces which are welded together to complete the final construction of the clubhead. Of the separate pieces which make up the complete clubhead, one is always the clubface. Within such types of driver, fairway wood and hybrid head construction, the face can be formed to be welded to the body in two different ways, one called an EDGE WELDED face and the other referred to as a CUP FACE CONSTRUCTION.

Golf Shoes: FootJoy XPS-1 Men’s Golf Shoes

The FootJoy XPS-1 is a fully loaded golf shoe with all the hottest and latest golf technology. I give a brief review and my insights on the well designed golf shoes with the technology FootJoy has incorporated into these excellent golf shoes.

Golf Academy Hunt: Top 5 Academies Nurturing Professional Golf Skills

Golf academies play a vital role in developing skills of an individual who wishes to learn the game play of golf. With the rise in number of academies and competition in the market for qualified professionals, it has become necessary to choose the best among all. Understanding the basics of the game is necessary to be successful as the play requires the player to have strong analytical skills.

Right Elbow: Secret To A Better Golf Swing

If you’re frustrated with your lack of consistency and yearn for a better golf swing, you’ll want to understand the correct movements of your right elbow. You might think you just let it bend going back, then straighten coming down, but I can tell you firsthand it’s not all that easy.

Discount Golf Shoes: Adidas Adicross Golf Shoe

I give a short review on the new Adidas adicross Men’s Golf Shoe. Adidas came out with a great shoe they are selling at discount prices versus other golf shoes on the market. The Adidas adicross is a great shoe, with great style at an even greater, discount price.

What Are Golf Hybrids? Are They Easier To Hit and Are They Worth It?

For more than ten years now Hybrids have been gaining in both popularity and diversity, improving the games of millions of golfers around the world, including tour players. If you are not using hybrids, you’re missing a really good trick. They are easier to hit, more forgiving, land the ball softer on the greens and are more versatile than a long iron.

Make the Most of Your Corporate Golf Outing at Any Budget

The season has arrived for outdoor activities, summertime fun, and one of America’s favorite corporate sports, golf. Over the past ten years, the occurrence of corporate golf outings has declined as budgets decreased and corporate spending was put to a halt. However, we are finally seeing a rebuilding relationship between the golf industry and corporate America. In 2011, promotional golf item sales were up 6%* and are continued to grow. The one-on-one face time provided by golf outings and tournaments with clients, and the opportunity for employee team building are valuable experiences that only golf can provide.

Golf: Here and Now

Well the signs have been around for sometime but it has finally come to pass that even golf is on the decline! The rounds in the game have taken a decline because of many reasons.

Improve Your Golf Swing Technique With The Slow Motion Golf Swing

You can see every issue with your golf swing by viewing it in slow motion. Never considered it? Read here!

A Golf Stance Is Everything In Golfing

It is widely believed that a golf swing is everything to golfing. This is very correct but people need to realize that a golf swing is made up of many related moves. Failure in one of the moves means production of an imperfect golf swing thus leading to poor shots.

Why You Should Tee Your Ball Higher On The Par 3’s

When playing golf, there is a multitude of opinions for a person to have. Personal preference and experience often play a role in how you might set up a shot. When you learn about why you should tee your ball higher on the par 3’s, you might also learn that the type of club you are using will play a role in this as well.

How Beginners Can Start Playing Simple Golf Quickly

With golfing, just like any other sport, you have to begin from somewhere to get to somewhere. The amount of time you need to get to where you intend to get depends on your determination and effort. Some people learn how to play golf within a very short period.

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