Bryson DeChambeau – 6 Steps to Better Golf – Setup 4 Impact!

This video is about how to swing like Bryson DeChambeau. Bryson’s swing fits perfectly with my Setup 4 Impact golf swing and he is a subscriber here on my YouTube channel. In this video I show you 6 steps you can take to simplify your golf swing like Bryson had done.

See the slow motion analysis of Bryson’s swing at the 18:33 mark in the video. It is the ultimate Single Plane golf swing.

See also my Bryson DeChambeau Driver swing videos at
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My Single Plane Setup 4 impact golf swing very closely resembles Byrson’s golf swing and I have over 30 years experience in helping people improve their golf swings as quickly as possible. Nobody wants to work on the swing for a year without improving, but that is what I often see people doing. Setup closer to where you will be at impact and improve quickly following my easy to follow “Setup 4 Impact” learning program. This is by far the most successful Single Plane golf swing ever developed.

My golf schools are now available for registration. For more info on my upcoming Single Plane golf schools visit

Setting up on your impact plane makes golf easier to learn. Follow my simple step by step instructions and you will improve. If you really want to fix your golf swing fast then follow my simple, easy to follow program. This is the number 1 easiest Single Plane golf swing you can learn. In fact no other golf method comes close to offering such fast improvement.

This is different than all the others out there that make the same claim. My swing puts you in a unique setup that makes it easier to hit great golf shots for any golfer, not just seniors. The beauty of it is that many who change the setup no longer have to even work on the golf swing. They improve overnight. Give it a try today.

Swinging like Bryson DeChambeau will add both accuracy and distance to your golf game.

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