Break 75 using 10 Year old Golf Clubs!

Breaking 75 using 10-year-old golf clubs may seem like a challenging feat, but for those dedicated to the sport, it is an achievable goal. With the right technique, skill, and determination, one can surpass expectations and achieve exceptional scores even with equipment that may be deemed outdated. In this blog post, we will explore the strategies, tips, and success stories of individuals who have defied the odds by harnessing the potential of these seemingly vintage clubs. So, grab your clubs, stay tuned, and be prepared to witness the remarkable achievements that can be accomplished with dedication and skill, regardless of the age of your equipment.


In the world of golf content creation, one name that stands out is Rick Shiels. With his expertise as a golf coach and a passion for creating entertaining videos, Rick has gained a significant following on YouTube. In one of his recent videos, he takes on a unique challenge of trying to break a score of 75 using a set of golf clubs that are a decade old. Let’s dive into this intriguing challenge and see if Rick is able to achieve his goal.

Heading 1: Rick Shiels – A Golf Content Creator and Coach

Rick Shiels is not just any golf enthusiast; he is a professional golf instructor and content creator on YouTube. With his extensive knowledge of the sport, he provides valuable coaching videos, golf club reviews, and captivating content that keeps his viewers coming back for more. His ability to make complex concepts understandable and his charismatic personality make him a favorite among golfers of all levels.

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Heading 2: The Challenge – Breaking 75 with 10-Year-Old Golf Clubs

In this particular video, Rick sets out to test his skills and the performance of 10-year-old golf clubs in a bid to break a score of 75. It’s a daring challenge, as golf technology has significantly advanced in the last decade, and newer clubs promise enhanced distance and forgiveness. Rick’s intention is to demonstrate that skill and technique can still prevail, even with older equipment.

Heading 3: The Clubs Rick Uses

To undertake this challenge, Rick plays with a set of Mizuno MP4 blades for his irons, a Callaway X Hot 3 wood, and an XR Pro driver. These clubs have been with him for quite some time and have witnessed numerous rounds on the course. Their battle-tested durability and the way they have become an extension of Rick’s game is something he highly values.

Heading 4: The Love for Links Courses and Challenges

Playing on windy links courses is something Rick thoroughly enjoys. The unpredictable winds, undulating fairways, and strategically placed hazards present a unique set of challenges that test a golfer’s skills to the fullest. Rick embraces this challenge as an opportunity to demonstrate his ability to adapt and overcome adverse golfing conditions.

Heading 5: Helping Viewers Improve and Honest Reviews

Throughout his videos, Rick makes it a point to share his knowledge and expertise with his viewers. He aims to help golfers improve their game by providing useful tips, techniques, and insights into various aspects of the sport. Whether it’s swing analysis, equipment reviews, or course management strategies, Rick’s approach is always honest and unbiased, ensuring his viewers can trust his recommendations.

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Heading 6: Subscribe and Stay Updated

As a content creator, Rick encourages his audience to subscribe to his channel and hit the notification bell. This ensures that viewers never miss out on new videos, tips, and exciting challenges like the one we are exploring today. Rick’s dedication to consistently delivering high-quality content has earned him a loyal following that eagerly awaits his new uploads.

Heading 7: The Challenge at Wallace Golf Club

For this particular challenge, Rick takes to the picturesque and challenging Wallace Golf Club. With its breathtaking coastal setting and links-style layout, this course provides the perfect backdrop for Rick’s attempt to break 75 with his trusty 10-year-old clubs. The course offers a true test of skill and strategy, putting Rick’s abilities to the ultimate test.


Throughout the video, Rick Shiels showcases his adeptness as a golfer and content creator while taking on a fascinating challenge of breaking 75 using decade-old golf clubs. His passion for the sport, honest approach, and ability to impart knowledge make his videos a valuable resource for golfers of all skill levels. By pushing the boundaries and embracing unique challenges, Rick continues to inspire and entertain his viewers.


  1. Can older golf clubs affect a golfer’s performance?

    • While newer club technology provides advancements like enhanced distance and forgiveness, skill and technique can still prevail using older equipment.
  2. How does Rick Shiels help viewers improve their golf game?

    • Rick provides valuable coaching videos, swing analysis, equipment reviews, and course management strategies to help golfers enhance their skills.
  3. What clubs does Rick Shiels use in the challenge?

    • In this challenge, Rick uses Mizuno MP4 blades for his irons, a Callaway X Hot 3 wood, and an XR Pro driver.
  4. Where does Rick Shiels take on the challenge?

    • Rick plays the challenge at the scenic Wallace Golf Club, known for its coastal setting and links-style layout.
  5. What does Rick Shiels emphasize to his viewers in his videos?

    • Rick encourages his audience to subscribe to his channel and hit the notification bell to stay updated on new videos and challenges.
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