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All right guys welcome back to a break75 But with a difference today now you Might have seen the last episode of Break75 Uh I was hoping nobody would see it but Over a million people have watched it Already when I went to battle and got Well and truly beaten by the brothers And at Belfry easy for me to say now in The last few weeks I've been working More on my golf gamer but having a few Lessons perhapsing a lot more hitting a Lot more golf balls but still at the Moment and maybe not At full confidence level out on the golf Course with a few swing changes so Today's episode I'm going back to my Roots one of the golf course I've played Probably the most out of any other golf Course in the entire world I was a pro Here around about 13 years ago come down Here to the Mia in Knutsford the golf Course I know like the back of my hand Well and truly and I'm going just for a Confidence boosting episode I'm out here On my own I'm gonna go and smash it I've Got swing changes I'm going to talk a Little bit about what's going through my Mind as I'm playing and I feel like it Was anywhere that's going to get me back On this break 75 horse it's right here It's right now okay so it's not playing Super long today the t's are forward I Suppose that's what happens with winter

Golf as I mentioned earlier changing a Lot of things in my swing like trying to Get my face more clothes going back Feeling like I'm starting to use the Legs a lot more rather than my hands and My arms trying to be more consistent I Have played a couple of rounds of golf In the last few weeks But today I'm going to really try and Put a good score together getting the Right head space Um I genuinely believe if I can hit it Well today there's no reason why I can't Shoot underpower and I feel like an Underpower round is something that I'm Desperately needing So to get me regularly shooting on the 75 again right first hole par five Requires just a little fade off the tee Straight in between the two trees All right Keep going That might be okay just slightly left Side not my best strike but we're away Okay first shot I have kind of a tiny Bit left plot myself out not the worst Place in the world but it's going to Require a bit of shaping Okay 211 yards Gonna go four iron I don't think there's Too much risk in this if I just try and Hit a kind of a raking hook there's no Point in laying up because if I get the Right shape it should be close to the

Green I don't know Since you're doing that a lot at the Moment good layup completely top the ass Off it Ah I thought I was gonna get a good shot There okay third shot after hitting that Topped long guy in from the side of the Rope that was an annoying shot but it's Not in danger 140 yards I'm gonna hit a nice soft 99 This is a shot I've been working on Quite a bit trying to hit a little bit Of a less More Club but less distant so probably Just need to put like a 90 percent nine Iron Oh don't pull Hmm It's not the best start it's hoping for A slightly better start than this Well I might have to be Tough up and down to make path okay Third shot in the bunker Kind of short-sided myself really I'm gonna try and splash this out on the Green Making it tough already It'll be changing the title of this Video already Now putting isn't Something I've put loads of time into Just yet The little bit of green reading work

Apart from that just trying to pick a Line and be confident with it It's gonna be right to left slightly up The hill Well that Is a double bogey okay not the start we Were going for Seven on the first double bogey Anyway I'll try and build from that I think This is some times as well I do need to Learn to be able to study the ship and Try and get back on playing better golf Really part four second hole requires a Little dog leg to the right and he's Trying to hit a little fady Hybrid Club Yeah that should be good go a bit That should be fine maybe not quite Round the corner but Certainly not any danger Yeah it's weird my golf game at the Moment I mean I do gun to put a lot of Pressure on myself Sometimes a bit too much Um I mean that was a silly lack of Concentration there I think I was just a Silly little tap in that I just didn't give any attention to Lesson be learned there for everybody Watching Um I think sometimes it's hard Maybe what you're not feeling full of Confidence to get out there and and

Think positive thoughts you know when You're playing positively and you've got Some good scores going you can all you Can only imagine hitting good scores you Don't imagine hitting bad scores and You've had a few bad rounds suddenly Your mind Can't see past those bad rounds it's Hard to think positive so I was hoping Today and it still will be I've still Got plenty of time it's better to make a Double burger on the first Opens after today's round there'll be a Nice little Positive boost in the right direction So that next time we go out and play and Get another break 75 in which I plan to Do a lot more before Christmas That I am firing on all cylinders 160 For that back pin I'm going to try and hit that controlled Shot again as much as it didn't quite Work on the last it's a shot I need to Practice A little three-quarter seven iron I've done the same thing Ah did the same thing as the first and Pulled it Ah Ah right That definitely didn't go to plan Some miles away from the flag Short-sided myself again The two times where I didn't want to

Miss left I've missed left okay love Wedging hand let's try and land it on The front edge For goodness sake We've managed to get closer at least Okay double double start Oh maybe the problem's a lot worse than I thought it was Okay third hole par three you're Actually playing off winter Matt that's What you get this time of year right Um Not the start we were going for ladies And gentlemen that's uh that's four over Through two So I've got a lot of work to get Underpower but let's try let's still Continue to try and do it Um I'm right between clubs again so I'm Gonna have to hit it I'm going to hit The longer Club again and try and hit it Soft and let it not go left and I'll Really try and cut this one as hard as I Can Better Yeah actually look like a golf shot Which was a start Yeah so it's a weird time trying to make Tweaks and changes and the right things To do for the right actions I know it is Because when I see it the driving range It's been a lot more positive I've been Hit a lot more shots in control like That

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But obviously bring it out on the golf Course Isn't always that easy to do but we'll Keep plugging away And when even I'm far over now The mission is to still at least you Underpath from this point forward Or even like say still see if I can Shoot on the power in total It's a big ass though down the hill Right to left it's not going to swing Loads Just because the greens Are a little bit slower this time of Year come on let's try and get one back The flag Ah yeah I might not make a bar this Round and money bird is okay off the Left hand side We've got a pie It's a start okay Four fourth hole short one that's a nice Drive Let's try and get up and down I'm gonna Try I'm gonna work with this fade aim it Down the left hand side I've actually Had my alignment more to the left And get the feeling like I'm peeling it Off those trees on the left hand side That's good a little bit exaggerated but That's good I certainly got it moving left to right That's not a bad place to miss okay good Drive middle of the Fairway pins middle

Of the green 95 yards away actually Don't feel too bad from this distance This is kind of a a 90 sandwich Uh where I get sucked in a little bit I'll go for the pin and if I push this It's in the bunker so I'm actually going To go left side of the flag and leave Myself a pin High put Go a bit The near enough was that pin High left Hand side could get closer but that's a Nice Miss that's a nice place to put it Okay so not bad for distance that's why I landed it pretty much pin High spun Back a touch An actual legit look at birdie Is that like it's been a long time since I've had a good birthday come on Straight up the hill I've seen a lot of break in this at all Give it a chance And drop it in the middle I'll leave the Flagging because it's nice and thin at The bottom Ah I didn't think that was gonna break I definitely don't feel like a hole Enough of those that length but Never mind two parts in a row Gotta take the small wins That's what I need to feel like Ah Easy on the driving range not quite so Easy on the golf course just yet fifth Hole Par Four requires that little fade

Again which I'm going to try and hit a Down the left hand side Come on Should be perfect yep Nice drive okay 109 yards to a front pin I'm gonna again try and play sensible go Slightly right at the flag and just go For pin high but three quarter gap wedge With a number Go in Yeah good result I'm not complaining but It's not as close as I thought it was I Thought it was a tapping distance but We've got a nice look for birdie Back up the hill all right come on let's Start making a charge Ah slightly pushed it Give myself a few more chances at least Start dropping okay six hole Par Four And unlike the last few holes fading it Off this tea is a lot harder because I Need to shape it more to the left Which is where I need to I'm gonna just try and hit a straight One down the left hand side I'm not Particularly trying to draw it I feel Like drawing on demand now is harder for Me Wow I got lucky Uh set the trees and bounce back out but That was a terrible tee shot Couldn't decide how I wanted to hit it Okay terrible tee shot hit the trees

Bounced out a bit of look I'm 240 yards Away on a hole where really I should Only be 100 yards away off the tee Um so I'm gonna I'm gonna just go with the three wood It's gonna take a hell of a shot Stay there Well somehow we're on the Green okay A birdie opportunity which I didn't Think I'd have after the tea shop but We're here and I'm happy up the hill Left to right This could be a real crazy three if this Drops Go Ah Bloody hell I was looking for par Oh I managed to get it in take a power There after that very dodgy tee shot That's I've gone double double And then papa papa okay seventh hole Par Four uh I think driver will get me in Trouble so because you'd run out of Space and you've got to go over a little Pod and so I'm gonna hit Three Wood laid Up Foreign Or top it and get very very very lucky Ah okay after a very lucky Escape there My three would I feel like I've got away With my last two tee shots pins just Over the water 142 yards I'm gonna hit a Full nine iron and I know that's going To be almost the perfect number

Oh it's massive Ah it's on the green but I didn't I Thought I need every bit of that and it Looks like I didn't need to absolutely Smash it okay decent length to put here It's gonna be all sloping down and then I've just got a little Bump to get over right towards the end So speed is going to be key come on Let's try and knock it close Get over that Hill Hmm okay just on the left side We'll take apart okay par three eighth Hole 142 yards I'm gonna try and play This this chippy controlled 99 again I Feel like I can play it I just need to Trust it you can stay right hand side of The flag pin High That is perfect That was exactly the shot I wanted to Play couldn't have pictured it any Better And even I didn't even picture it going In the hole I pictured that shot I should have I should have maybe Pitched it going in the hole Okay that's nice that's a nice little Confidence booster it slowly but surely Feeling Just a Touch better not perfect Obviously But I've managed to string About five parts together Still four over par which hurts so I Really really was hoping to come out

Today and post a good score but Every now pick up a couple of birdies And it's a very different golf game it's A very different score let's try and get My first one here on this eighth Okay real good look at birdie here I'm just gonna take my time just to have A good read of this It's off the right up the hill Come on Rick Let's open this birdie sauce up again It's been a while It's been a long long time And that's definitely something I need To work on a lot a lot next my cutting I Feel like I've had a few good decent Opportunities to stay and I'm not Holding Ah nice iron shot though that was a good Nice controlled shot into the green Which helps okay ninth hole par five and A whole Definitely is birdieable I mean it's not Long at all and it's pretty straight There's not much to it good drive Required I'm gonna try and hit that hard Fade down the left side again try and Get it cutting back to the Fairway It's good not quite the shy Envision but It's good Bounding down the Fairway nice and Straight we'll take that Okay after a very very very good drive Middle of the Fairway

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200 yards to a back right pin position Wind into a tiny bit but Long's not your Friend's shorts better than long uh I'm Gonna hit a five iron Yeah this is the club Start at the middle of the green I'm Going to try and fade it from the two Bunkers on the right I'm going to hit it On that line and try and fade it but I Don't want to go too much phase because There'll be a bunker down the right Waiting for me Center of the green is the plan Oh I've gone hard at it travel travel Travel My prediction is Bunker short right I didn't quite catch it And it started too far right it was Annoying okay so I'm actually sure of This bunker it's not a good miss it Should have been way more on that Left-hand side I just didn't strike it Well enough However lots of green to work with Keep the body turning through the chip Land it on the green roll it close Simmer Oh it's a such a big hard bounce Yeah it's not good enough I'm afraid Not close enough from there Oh it's it Ah Feel like after such a great drive That's a terrible path through nine four

Over Obviously all the damage came in the First two holes there but I've not Managed to start a surge of a comeback Just yet Since that I've made Seven pars Not enough birdies well thankfully no More bogies Strong button I needed very strong Okay here we go 10 till but nine Four over let's see if I can at least Shoot on the power back now and that's The goal I was hoping to be picked a Couple of birdies up but that might have Been too hard on myself but I feel like I should have done anyway Let's see if we can get some more coming Home hard fade again down that left hand Side Should be good maybe just right roof Faded it a little bit too much okay 125 Yards Flag And it's right into that back left Corner luckily have it up the right hand Side so I've got a nice angle in I'm gonna aim to leave this short of the Flag Uh but bang online there's definitely no Rewards of going big on here it's a nice Little three-quarter gap wedge A little bit Uh

That's very short Oh I took too much off it didn't quite Catch it okay long put from here hasn't It yeah a bit disappointed dad in my Head I played it in the right style of My wedge shot into the green because I Definitely didn't want to go long But obviously I've come up Substantially short here Two points the aim get it nice and close Break go in Oh Not quite ah agonizing That's another power on the tally can't Force a birdie from there to be fair Keep trying if we keep trying To make us changed out in the golf Course are really difficult and the bow That wrist is really hard Can I can trust it on the Range but here When there's trees and there's bunkers And there's You know consequences and there's You guys watching sometimes it's a bit Harder but it's getting marginally Better small improvements right 11th Until Par Four dog leg up the hill to The left Um actually I've been much more Suited here in this fade off the T at The moment so when I stand on a hole it Is a bit more of a dog leg left What used to be quite simple a simple Shot shape I just used to aim down the

Right and draw it it's not a shot I can Envision right now but I'm going to just go down that left hand Side and cut it but not too hard just a Little tiny fade Yeah that works That's not far off what I wanted to do There We're in a good spot Now just understood smart bang in the Middle of the Fairway here waiting for This green to clear with a great Opportunity to another good shot it's Gonna be a bit of time to reflect Because last time you just see me play Golf was at break 75 at belfry and I Must admit today as much as I got off to A very ropey start those first couple of Holes were at my finest I have actually Been playing a lot better today now if I Think about it I probably didn't did I have maybe four Or five pars when I played at the Belfry That time and God knows how many double Bogies well today as much as it's still Not quite been perfect and I think Sometimes it's hard when I come here Because my expectation level is so high You know I've played here as an Assistant Pro I've had some really good Rounds of golf here many times I've shot On the par around here I think I come Here and expecting that all the time but In fairness compared to the last time I

Played This has been Leaps and Bounds better I Think I need to remember that I feel Less hard on myself with that in mind Let's let's hit some more good shots Coming in come on let's let's try and Keep this power run going at least and If we can pick up a couple of birdies Then Happy Days right 142 yards I've got 99 in hand the pins at the front I'm gonna try and hit that same shot I Hit on the par 3 8 when I hit it close Straight down the flag Draw Ah a bit longer bit left Just let that face turn over through the Ball which was annoying Better strike though Okay I wanted to get obviously hit the green And get it closed there but with pin High And you might say I'm preferring my Lights winter rules at the moment so I Can lift clean and place the pin High Bit is the the real thing I've been Trying to work on as well making sure I Get my distance control correct I just Overturned that one but I've got a nice Look at this up the hill Pretty flat majority of the way Great for Speed but a bit of a wide For par just on the right Edge Ah I felt like I'm gonna miss that

Bad mindset First bogey Silly Billy Good part three here 155 yards we need a Little soft a tying Try and hit that real hold off one Sticky in close Travel a bit Now it's pin high but it's a little bit Wide Got the club behind me a little bit too Much there okay we found the green but It's actually quite a bit of distance Away I think I've hit the wrong Club There I shouldn't have gone that far However a fairly straight put here Ever so slightly coming off my right Hand side towards the left I'm not going To try and be too ambitious there just Get it nice and close Foreign Trying to box those long ones and End up hitting it six foot past they're Missing the one coming home So take a par there okay 13th hole Par Four straight back down come on I feel Like a strong finish now A couple of Birdie opportunities coming Up Let's keep this decent golf I'm gonna Try and hit that hard fade again Oh that's a bit leaky Oh no

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That might be out of bounds I'm afraid That's annoying we'll have a look for it But it was certainly floating with the Outer bounds on the right And then that one's got miles left shock Shock Okay Um a little bit frustrating though that Tee shot just left the face open and Tried to fade and effectively sliced out Of bounds second shot I found here on The left hand side and 200 yards away Still of all the holes with Tower bounds This isn't the hole uh we're gonna try And Chase it up there but I've got a Branch in my way that I've got to hit Under But I've got three bunks I've got to get Over just gotta try and Chip a four Round down there Hopefully that should finish quite nice It's gonna be a little bit short Not a terrible result in summer that Would have ran all the way through the Back but now a little 40-yard pitch from Here Foreign Okay for double bogey Surreal Daggering the heart for this round of Golf let's see if we can roll this one In Oh Oh

A little testing triple bogey put Ah Uh An eight Ah Okay that's frustrating bad tea shot Really Um obviously sliced it out of bounds and Then made double burger my second ball Pitch wasn't good enough pots weren't Good enough Uh hard work now nine over It came with the idea of this being a Confidence boosting Uh round of golf there's glimpses of Positives there are but there are very Little glimpses Okay five to play let's see if we can Finish strong see if we now break a to If I didn't think I mean last when I played the brothers It was trying to break 90. maybe we just Need to rename the series maybe that's The best idea Okay 130 yards little pitching wedge I'm Gonna go just left of the flag Let's Go a bit go a bit Ah I didn't quite catch it caught it a Bit thin Okay birdie pop up the hill probably Just fall just a little bit off the Right So oh

Could call it a bounce back I suppose Okay 15 to par four it's one of my Favorite holes in the course so it dips Down and kind of shoots back up towards The left-hand side Uh right come on good drive Just pick up a couple of birdies that's All I'm asking for two to come home Would be great Uh that's out of bounds too Ah Okay second insurance is 15. Pushed it right again but it's not as Bad as the 13th 112 yards Slightly uphill it looks like from that That blue flag position the pin's gonna Be on the up on the top tier that's Where you've got to get it to it's gonna Get a nice gap wedge pretty much a full Gap wedge That looks like it should be really good But it also looks like it might have Just flown 50 yards too big a little Schoolboy over there Because it was blue flag which is Normally middle I thought it was going To be on the top tier But it's blue fogging it's on the bottom Tier I should have come and checked that Before I hit So I've hit it what I thought was pretty Good We've got a bit of a test input now down

The hill Gaga Ah In for par 16th Par Four big sweeping Dog leg to the left you've got to like Hooker a long guy and I'm gonna try and Hook this uh hybrid I want to get it to About 2 30 around the corner so I'm Going to start it down the right and try And play a big hook Keep going Keep going Yeah that's pretty good it could have Gone a little bit more left but it's Absolutely fine should be middle of the Fairway Okay so we've managed to get Around the corner enough So we've got a good look at the Green We are 178 yards to the flag Should be an absolute perfect seven iron So come on really good well hit keep it Nice and straight Pin High just left the hole that's what We're going for I've not Struck it enough I don't think Could it get there could it get there oh I just didn't catch every bit of it it Was a couple of grooves low bang online Okay just off the front of the green Actually fancy chip in this but I feel Like if I've got to hold it Potter's Gonna be my best option Uh it was always low

Didn't give it enough break Take a power on that hole every day one Of the hardest holes in the course that Two to go need one more birdie to break 80. Which again wasn't the objective today I Suppose three holes have absolutely Killed me okay 17th short Par Four Position off the T's Key two holes to go One bird he definitely needed I've got This done the par five Nice little fady hybrid this time Too much fade ah That is not good That's in danger okay absolutely Horrendous shot off the tee I think that hybrid might be on its last Legs I'm afraid 150 yards to the front of the green You've got to try and go I mean I've got A gap but it's uh It's teeny tiny I'm gonna try and Chip a Seven iron down there almost like a long Long long bump and run It's missed everything I might have clambered up on the front Edge My I'm not convinced but it's it Certainly didn't hit anything hard Okay I actually managed to get it not on The green but not a Million Miles Away Pins right at the back it looks like It's Hanging On by a couple of yards

Up and down required a little 50 degree Keep going Keep going Yeah not bad a little bit shy I thought It was gonna be faster going down that Hill okay for par Really easy to hold that and I've come Off with a silly bogey this hasn't quite Been the round I was potentially hoping For today short Golf Course around the Course that I've played a million times I've still shot a fairly High number And it's been Some very odd shots in there today Okay last hole par five And I actually can't believe I'm saying This I need to make birdies to shoot 80. Um It's a dog like right I'm gonna try and Absolutely smash one as hard as I can Over the corner Let's see what happens from there if I Can if I can clear it over everything I'm only probably hitting picture wedge Into the screen that's the plan If it's carried it's really really good If it's carried okay after a great Drive I've hit it around the corner 160 yards To the flag I've really taken off a huge Chunk to remind us the par five Come on just one good iron shot and one Good putt would be lovely finished with A nice little eagle Go go go go go go go go go

For us We're putting Didn't think I'd call it that then an Eagle would definitely help build on That little bit of momentum going into My next round okay For Eagle on the last guys thanks for Watching I know it's not been Pretty but we've uh It's another round under the belt with Trying a few new things in the golf Swing come on Rick this will be nice Eagle on the Lost Right to left I'm gonna give it give it A bit of speed so it gets there I've Left a few put short recently Welcome I've left it miles shot Oh my God oh my goodness me Birdie to finish thanks for watching Guys thank you lots more to come see you Next time