Brand New BombTech Golf Driving Irons

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What’s up guys Sully here owner of BombTech Golf and I am here today to introduce you to our new 2 and 3 driving irons set. We designed these to be longer to hit than your traditional long iron, but easier control than your driver. So these are your solution for those days when the driver gets a little wild and those long irons aren’t cutting it for distance.

We designed these with a large undercut cavity, so they are more forgiving on off center hits. We built an unsupported face so it is a high COR (Coefficient of Restitution), so you will bomb these. Also we have a wider sole so it is easier to hit from more conditions. You can rip it off the tee and rip it off the deck.

I am very happy and glad to announce that our new driving irons are also backed with our 60 day on course guarantee. So you can put them head to head with any club on your course on your time for two months.

So bring it on and I am happy to introduce these to you. Pull the pin!

Featured BombTech Golf Driving Irons used in video:

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Tyler “Sully” Sullivan

BombTech Golf Owner and Founder

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