Best cure for over the top golf swing

Cure over the top golf swing

If you are coming over the top and your ball is going to the left then it means that your club face is square to the path which is good. If you are coming over the top and your ball starts left then starts bending to the right there’s a good chance that your club face is open in relation to the path, if this is the case you can try to make your grip a bit stronger. The particular cure I’m going to give you to cure the over the top swing is for people that swing inside on the backswing and then over the top on the downswing.

If you think this is your problem then one of the best cures is to feel like you are doing the complete opposite when you swing. That being, an out to in swing plane much the same as Jim Furyk. It will feel like you are looping the club down on the inside when you start your downswing. An easy way to achieve the downswing is by numbering the golf ball. As you look down at the ball picture it as a clock face with 9 o’clock being the part of the ball closest to the target and 3 o’clock being the number you hit. If you’ve been coming over the top then chances are you will have been hitting number 2 on the clock face so to fix this think about hitting number 5, you can also get the feeling that you are starting the ball out to the right more than before.

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