Best Chipping Game to Improve Your Score!

Practicing chipping around the green is super important to improving your golf game, and we have a game that will make you want to practice every day!

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Chipping drills can be exhausting. We all know how important chipping is for our game though, so to make things more interesting, we got a game that is perfect for creating consistency in your short game, as well as making it fun, with a friend, or alone.

Check out the video for our chipping game, how to score points, and how playing this game will not only challenge you, but become a fun way to become the most consistent chipping player on the planet (…or so we hope)!

There are a lot of chipping tips out there, and this game helps you master those tips and techniques!

Stay to the end to find out who wins the chipping game between Brady and Tyson!


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