Beginners Guide to Applying Body Filler – How to Apply Contour Premium Body Filler – Eastwood

In this video we show you how to apply contour premium body filler to a small dent on a monte carlo hood.

Link to watch Part two – How to Block Sand Body Filler –

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Contour™ 1-step Premium Body Filler actually inhibits rust and self-etches!

Rust inhibitors prevent corrosion
Self-etching properties create excellent adhesion
Superior coverage and feather-edging ability
1-step process; no glazing putty required
Save time in your shop with our “all-in-1-step” custom-blended premium body filler. It contains rust inhibitors to prevent corrosion long after painting, and its unique self-etching properties bite into the surface for maximum adhesion. A great “1-2 punch” to help finish bodywork faster and more effectively!

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