Beginner to Winner (Part 3): Training the basic swing motion | Beginner golf lesson | Perfect Swing

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Thank you for watching our Explanar Golf instructional video featuring Master PGA Professional Luther Blacklock. At Explanar, our goal is to make learning to play golf as intuitive, effective and enjoyable as possible. Across all of our social media channels and our website – – you will find a wide range of golf instruction content, from long game, short game and putting technique to course management and on-course strategy.

We want to help you improve your golf in all areas, as well as help you fix the most common faults in the game, including how to fix your slice, fix your hook, help you hit longer drives, hit longer, straighter iron shots, and help you draw and fade your golf shots. We will also help you lower your scores and your handicap by showing you how to chip and pitch the ball closer to the hole from all distances and all lies. Plus, with the help of our new Explanar Putting Mat, we will help you develop a better putting stroke, read greens more effectively and eliminate those frustrating three-putts!

Good luck with your golf!

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