Beginner Golf Swing Drills – #7: Body Rotation Pt. 2 |

Here is a simple drill to keep your arms and back rotating and the same time. Practice makes perfect, so make sure you practice the right thing!

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Read below for more ways to improve your game off of the course.

Watching Tiger Woods or a any other big name in golf is something that people tend to find inspirational. In fact, this is where many golfers begin to develop their passion for the game. If this is a group that you fall into, it’s important that you make the decision to work as hard as possible on improving, because no one will ever truly master the game. When you watch someone great play who has years of practice, they tend to make the game look easy.

However, this is simply not the experience that you are going to have. A great performance on the course is not something that you will simply be able to count on, it requires a significant amount of practicing proper golf swing drills. Practice such as drills will allow you to focus on positive behaviors while ridding your game of things that may be working against you.

Body rotation is probably something that you do not know a lot about at the point that you decide to explore golf as a hobby, but this is an element that needs to be address sooner than later in your game. Rotation is the core aspect of every swing, and bad rotation is a hard habit to break.

Do not think that you are going to have perfect rotation as soon as you pick up a club, this is an element of the game that people often have trouble with. Improving your rotation and follow through will be the key to lowering your score. Any level of success that you have with playing golf is something that you have the ability to decide for yourself. If being sub par is not acceptable, you can begin looking into these drills now.

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